Michael Garson
Senior Managing Director

Executive Management; Compliance & Ethics; Business Processes; Government Contracts

Michael Garson is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with more than 20 years of experience as an attorney in private practice, an in-house general counsel, and a C-suite operations and compliance executive. In those roles, he advised companies and enterprises of all sizes on US federal, state, and municipal procurements and grants and has specific expertise in defense and technology matters. He specializes in helping clients build and execute on market strategy, prepare winning bids and proposals, and design compliant and efficient business processes and systems. He is based in Washington, DC.

  • Experience

    Prior to joining Ankura, Michael provided government contracting and business advisory services to a variety of companies through his own independent consulting firm. Before starting his own firm, he served in various capacities for LGS Innovations, a large US federal government contractor. Those roles included executive vice president and chief administrative officer, general counsel and secretary, chief compliance and ethics officer, and ITAR-empowered official as well as technology control officer. LGS, a technology and R&D company, is primarily focused on supporting the US defense and intelligence communities and, at the time of Michael’s departure, had over 1,000 employees and $300 million in annual revenue. Before that, Michael was a division counsel with Lucent Technologies, supporting its government solutions team, the main predecessor of LGS.

    Michael began his professional career as an attorney in private legal practice at several large law firms in the DC metropolitan area. He represented clients in government contracting and grant matters, domestic and international joint ventures, civil litigation, fraud investigations and defense, transactions and contract negotiations, corporate formation and development, and compliance and ethics program formation and maintenance.

    During his professional career, Michael has:

    • As a chief administrative officer, managed company security, information technology, legal, compliance, and contracting departments.
    • Implemented and improved cross-functional business processes affecting client speed to market, corporate assets and efficiencies, employee satisfaction, and legal and regulatory compliance.
    • Designed, implemented, and managed processes and systems for government contracting (FAR/DFARS) compliance, including capture management processes, contracts management functions, purchasing and supply chain sourcing systems, intellectual property management, data security, and cybersecurity policies and processes.
    • Led in the divestiture of a wholly owned US subsidiary from its multinational parent in a deal for more than $100 million, and directly managed all functional aspects of its transition into a stand-alone entity with private equity ownership.
    • Performed as part of an executive team in reviewing, assessing, and conducting due diligence on multiple candidate firms for acquisition, and oversaw the merger and integration of a 125-employee company into the client business.
    • Designed, implemented, and managed comprehensive compliance and ethics programs for government contractors, including the creation and development of codes of conduct, training modules, policies and procedures, board reporting templates and escalation processes, audits and monitoring programs, discipline and incentives programs, internal investigations practices, remediation plans, program assessments and surveys, and risk assessment and management processes.
    • Successfully represented clients in obtaining lifts of and declinations to pursue suspensions and debarments before both the Army and General Services Administration suspension and debarment offices.
    • Participated in five cases before the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and directly negotiated, implemented, monitored, and audited CFIUS-mandated national security agreements and letters of assurance.
    • Negotiated, implemented, and ensured compliance with a special security agreement and administrative services agreement involving the US Department of Defense, including subsidiary foreign visitation and electronic communications plans, in mitigation of foreign ownership, control, or influence concerns.
    • Provided risk-appropriate advice to company boards, executives, managers, and personnel on all types of business transactions and strategies, including prime, subcontract, teaming, reseller, original equipment manufacturer, technology licenses, joint development, joint venture, consortia, and foreign military sales agreements.
    • Responded to various audits and reviews by the Defense Contract Audit Agency concerning compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation cost principles and the Cost Accounting Standards.
    • Prepared, negotiated, and litigated multimillion-dollar termination proposals, requests for equitable adjustment, and claims under the Contracts Disputes Act.
    • Created and structured technology and export control processes, ensuring that both physical and electronic technical assets were properly identified and secured from inception, stored in protected locations, and shared and exported in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and licenses

  • Honors & awards

    • Lucent Law Compliance and Integrity Award (for “exceptional performance in advancing Lucent’s interest in compliance and integrity”) (2006)
    • Lucent Chairman’s Award (for “supporting Lucent’s unmatched customer value”) (2005)
    • Lucent Achiever’s Club (for “outstanding contributions to Lucent’s business) (2005)
    • Lucent Bell Labs Teamwork Award (for “extraordinary performance and role model teamwork”) (2005)

  • News & events
    • USGIF Geospatial & Remote Sensing Law Workshop, 12/5/2017, Panel: “Protecting the Supply Chain”
    • Practicing Law Institute (PLI), 8/9/2017, “Overseas Joint Ventures: Opportunities, Risks, and Potential Pitfalls”
    • 2017 Northeast Information Governance Retreat, 6/26/2017, Panel: “How To Make Sense Of Information Governance Rules For Contractors When The Government Itself Can’t”
    • Colorado Defense Lawyers Association 2016 Conference, “Client Relationship Management and Litigation”
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    • Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics
    • Ethics and Compliance Initiative
    • Children’s Tumor Foundation