Michelle DiGruttolo

Michelle DiGruttolo
Senior Managing Director

Former White House Intelligence Briefer; Army Combat Veteran

Michelle DiGruttolo is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura where she brings more than 25 years of experience as a trusted advisor to senior decision-makers in the White House, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State, and to corporate executives. She leads the firm’s geopolitical advisory team and is based in Washington, DC.

  • Experience

    Michelle leverages her geopolitical expertise to help clients identify risks and opportunities in emerging and frontier markets, and specializes in the developing field of digital terrain analysis. She is also an adjunct professor at the Institute of World Politics, and the assistant director of Intelligence for the Military Cyber Professionals Association.

    Michelle is an Army intelligence veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the U.S. intelligence community, primarily in military and geopolitical risk analysis and production, and senior executive level support.

    Prior to joining Ankura, Michelle worked as a business development executive and strategic planner for Lockheed Martin. While there, she developed a business strategy to capture over $600 million in defense intelligence business.

    While still in uniform, Michelle served in various senior intelligence roles at the Defense Intelligence Agency. As a division chief, she led a 40-person team that developed, analyzed, and distributed global geopolitical and threat intelligence products to worldwide military and political decision-makers. As a senior intelligence officer, she coordinated and synchronized the intelligence efforts and inputs of 17 intelligence community agencies to support community-wide intelligence assessments of global threats and developed a strategic intelligence production plan to meet the DIA director’s intelligence goals. As a senior intelligence program manager, Michelle managed all aspects of future intelligence capability programs from inception to execution, and prioritized recommendations to address and resolve intelligence capability shortfalls. During that assignment, Michelle was selected to serve as the executive assistant to the director of intelligence (J2) in Afghanistan, where she coordinated wartime intelligence collection and production on behalf of the J2, and developed and nurtured relationships of trust with strategic partners in academia, corporate America, and nongovernmental organizations, and with interagency stakeholders, to develop a viable strategic intelligence plan.

    Upon her return from Kabul, Michelle was selected to serve as chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff daily intelligence branch, where she delivered over 1,000 daily intelligence briefs to the chairman. Prior to serving at the Pentagon, Michelle authored hundreds of counterterrorism products and supervised the multisource research, analysis, and production of counterterrorism intelligence for senior defense and White House decision- and policy-makers.

    As the executive coordinator of the President’s Daily Intelligence Brief in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Michelle delivered daily intelligence briefs directly to President Barack Obama, his chief of staff, and his national security staff. She also communicated daily with the national intelligence director to coordinate, screen, and prioritize intelligence topics for the president. She presented hundreds of briefings for the president on critical national security and policy issues, including geopolitical and regional relations; economics; and cyber, technology, and military threats.

  • News & events
    • CAIA Association Global Macro Panel, 5/9/2017, Dallas, TX, with Richard Fisher, Jamie Charles, Glenn Stotts, and Scott Ramsay
    • PLI Webinar on Compliance in the New Trump Administration, 4/5/2017, with Randy Cook, Steve Richards, Tim Smith
    • 3rd Corporate Cuba Counsel Summit, 3/15/2016, panel: “Hidden Opportunities: Lifting the Shroud of Mystery to Uncover Investment Potential in Cuba,” New York, NY
    • Cuba Investment Forum, 5/12/2016, panel moderator: “Tourism in Cuba,” Miami, FL, with Bruce Nirenberg, Steven Swann, Steve Marshall
    • 3rd Annual Wharton Innovation Summit Social Risk Panel, 4/27/2016, with Jim Sisco, David Cattler, and Odile Serge Betsen
    • Washington Post Cyber Summit (Critical Infrastructure) Panel, 10/6/2016, with Brian Fung, Lisa Monaco, Brett Leatherman, and Michael Wagner
    • Baker & Hostetler Panel, 6/14/2016, “Implications of the 2016 Presidential Election and Normalization of Cuba Relations on the Hedge Fund Industry,” New York, NY, with Mark Braden
    • Ankura Consulting Group Announces the Appointment of Michelle DiGruttolo as Senior Managing Director, Ankura News, 8/31/2015
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