Phillippe Alepin
Managing Director

Economics; Econometrics; Data Science & Analytics; Statistical Analysis

Phillippe Alepin is a Managing Director at Ankura, located in the Washington, DC office. He has extensive experience in the application of economic, econometric, mathematical, and computer science techniques to issues arising in litigation, arbitration, government investigation, and mergers, and acquisition. Phillippe has consulted on matters across differing industries, with particular focus on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance, and air transport.

  • Experience

    Phillippe’s professional experience includes:

    •  In FTC v. Advocate Health Care Network: Performed and directed detailed statistical analyses in support of a proposed hospital merger. Examined and processed large internal and external claims databases to assess parties’ claims relating to pricing and utilization. Evaluated and calculated potential competitive impact of the proposed transaction, including quantifying pro-competitive efficiencies.
    • Prepared and directed economic analysis of acquisitions of building products and materials plants across the United States. Participated in discussions and presentations with government agencies during their investigations.
    • In re Air Cargo Shipping Services Antitrust Litigation: On behalf of a defendant airline, contributed to expert reports on class certification, including assessing the effects of fuel and other surcharges on the prices paid by air cargo consumers on shipments to and from the United States. Analyzed and processed air waybill data for multiple air carriers.
    • Assessed potential competitive impacts of multiple mergers of passenger airlines, including United/Continental and Southwest/AirTran. Performed econometric and statistical analysis on public and non-public data to calculate potential impact on consumers.
    • Working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contributed to expert reports and testimony related to average wholesale price (AWP) inflation by multiple branded pharmaceutical manufacturers. Used pharmaceutical claims data to calculate adverse impact on reimbursements by state agencies.
    • On behalf of several states, analyzed the effects of alleged price-fixing and bid-rigging of the price of municipal derivatives sold to state and non-profit entities. Presented analyses to opposing experts, eventually culminating in multi-million-dollar settlements with several banks.
    • Presented economic arguments and statistical analyses directly to a member of Congress in support of shorter patent exclusivity periods for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automobile crash parts.
    • Working on behalf of content producers in litigation with satellite radio providers, implemented cooperative bargaining models to calculate appropriate allocations of the gains from trade between music producers, other content producers, and satellite radio providers given their individual contributions to the success of the overall product.

  • Insights & innovation
    • “From the Fringe to the Forefront: Low Cost Carriers and Airline Price Determination,” Review of Industrial Organization, Volume 48, Issue 3, 05/2016, with J. Kwoka and K. Hearle