Priyank Manek

Priyank Manek
Managing Director

Securities Valuation & Damages, Algorithmic Trading, Quantitative Finance, & Big-Data

Priyank Manek is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in New York. He has over 10 years of experience in helping clients in their disputes and investigations relating to securities valuation, trading, asset management, derivatives, bankruptcies, anti-trust, and class action. Priyank’s subject matter expertise includes financial modelling, quantitative finance, data analytics, valuation, statistical analyses, and preparing expert reports. Priyank has consulted for global and regional banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, REITS, broker dealers, and financial insurers.

  • Experience

    Priyank professional experience includes:

    • Provided expert report on analyses of trading and month end portfolio marks for a large hedge fund in SEC investigation. Also analyzed the bond valuation and yields for complex mortgage bonds.
    • Expert consultant in investigation of a high frequency trading desk to provide analyses of large trading data (over 50 terabytes) and opinions on market microstructure.
    • Consultant for an investment bank on damages calculation and settlement draft for the CDS anti-trust litigation.
    • Consultant on RMBS trustee litigation matter for two different trustees. Analyzed data and worked with counsel on pre-expert phase. Providing valuation analysis for RMBS tranches and built a damages model for expert report.
    • Consulted on litigation matters arising out of bankruptcies of large investment banks, loan issuers, and commercial banks. Created models to value assets and liabilities for fixed income securities and derivatives, as well as loan portfolio and rep and warranties on issued loans.
    • Consulted for a large mortgage REIT to restate their financial statements. Project included valuing a portfolio of over $1.2 billion and generating proprietary models to predict the future cash-flows.
    • Consultant in multiple matters regarding valuation of corporate bonds, derivatives RMBS, and CDOs for major investment banks, mutual funds, and hedge-funds.
    • Expert consultant for white collar matters. Matters involved defending CDO trades for wall-street banks, RMBS brokers, top investment executive of large Insurance company, and CEO of a failed investment bank.
    • Provided valuation for the credit quality of a firm. Implemented the Merton model to value the credit strength of the firm and simulated scenarios taking into account the outstanding convertible securities of the firm.