Rebecca Patterson

Rebecca Patterson
Managing Director

Structured Data Analytics; Data Quality Advisory; Emerging Technology

Rebecca Patterson is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in New York. She has over 15 years of experience assisting clients in large-scale disputes, investigations, and litigation. Rebecca specializes in structured data analytics with expertise in complex data management, data governance and data quality, database design, complex reporting, data visualization, and project management. Rebecca has assisted clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, construction, and entertainment.

  • Experience

    Rebecca’s professional experience includes:

    • AML Compliance: Directed the data governance team retained to implement a data management framework for global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and sanctions screening enterprise systems. Collaborated with AML compliance, business, and IT personnel to develop the necessary framework, policies and procedures, and enhancement plan to develop and maintain a complete and comprehensive data management framework. Prepared data quality frameworks and test thresholds in preparation for attestation of compliance with NY regulations.
    • Structured Data Discovery: Retained as part of an expert team to assist a global financial institution in its defense against allegations of deleted and missing data from productions of structured data. Addressed the migration of historic mortgage loan data from mainframe systems to structured databases, the presence and integrity of specific fields of interest, and the availability of audit logs and other metadata associated with the mortgage loan at issue. Participated in an onsite live inspection of the structured data with opposing counsel and experts to advise on technical components of the case.
    • MBS Litigations: Led the collection, review, analysis, and production of underwriting guidelines to defend multiple mortgage-backed security litigation actions against one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Worked with in-house litigators, external counsel, and various business stakeholders to implement several large-scale reviews of collected documents and indexed results in a structured data format to catalog more than two million documents. Participated in the design and development of an automated process to programmatically match underwriting guideline documents to individual loans within the securities at issue, which resulted in streamlined and rapid responses to discovery and reporting requests.
    • External Integrity Monitor: Directed the technology team retained to review the integrity of a large-scale data migration and functionality of a customized IT solution developed to allow the State to operate and track high-profile recovery operations in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Worked with the State and State contractors to understand the data migration process, system design, and intended functionality in order to assess the soundness of the IT solution as a whole and the availability, reliability, and protection of the underlying data contained within the system. Provided recommendations for system and process improvements based on findings.
    • Data Breach: Led the analytics team that responded to a client’s exposure of critical business data, including PII, to sophisticated foreign hackers. Directed the identification of millions of impacted individuals for notification of compromised data through the profiling and extraction of data from Oracle, Access, Excel, and XML files.
    • Class Action: Led the analytics team retained to identify a distinct list of potential plaintiffs in a class action filed against a doctor accused of secretly photographing and videotaping patients. Directed development of a systematic and repeatable process used to identify duplicate and dummy claimants in the class registration and verified patient status using hospital billing and scheduling records. Co-authored memorandum of findings and supporting exhibits.
    • Data Archiving Expert Team: Retained as part of an expert team to provide opinions on the applicability of a major financial services group’s data archiving solution as related to the preservation of data, full text search capabilities, and mitigation of spoliation issues for email, transactions, and associated metadata.

  • Honors & awards

    • CALI Award for Law and Economics, Loyola University Chicago School of Law
    • CALI Award for Tax Procedure and Litigation, Loyola University Chicago School of Law
    • CALI Award for Corporate and Partnership Tax, Loyola University Chicago School of Law

  • Insights & innovation
    • “3 Things You Should Know to Effectively Use Financial Forensics” From Books and Records to Bits and Bytes,,, 04/2018, with Mary Beth Edwards, Sonya Kwon, Angela Sabbe