Rebekah Carroll

Rebekah Carroll
Senior Director

Strategy Creation & Implementation; Facilitation, Change Leadership; Business Optimization

Rebekah Carroll is a Senior Director at Ankura, based in Nashville and has 10 years of experience working with business owners and their organizations. She actively embraces the vision for a company’s future, offers an outcome-driven mindset to strategic implementation, and delivers results that create significant value for her clients. She is introspective and observant, able to uncover details that need to be brought to the surface in order to move an initiative forward, and her facilitation style combines active listening, space to innovate, and collaborative instruction with a natural ability to create clear visuals and graphics. Throughout an engagement, she communicates with clarity, soliciting feedback and navigating complex challenges with conscious awareness of what a given team needs to succeed.


  • Experience

    Rebekah joined Ankura with the firm’s 2018 acquisition of c3/consulting. She has broad tactical and strategic experience working with global organizations, including strategic planning and implementation, change leadership, facilitation, organizational assessment, business optimization, and corporate tax. She has experience in numerous industries, including healthcare, logistics, technology, manufacturing, non-profit, real estate, private equity portfolio companies, and financial services.

    Prior to her work with c3, Rebekah was a public tax accountant focusing on corporate and partnership taxation. In that role, she was responsible for preparing and reviewing complex tax returns, managing staff and client projects, and consulting with clients regarding tax and accounting issues. Specific concentrations included healthcare, manufacturing, real-estate, international tax, consolidated entities, and established family-owned businesses.

    Rebekah’s professional experience includes:

    • Change Leadership, Global Public Healthcare Provider: Worked with executive team of a $30 billion public healthcare company to lead change leadership efforts around a transformative Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (MSSP ACO) initiative involving the creation of 15 ACOs across 126 hospitals with an anticipated revenue opportunity of up to $1 billion annually.
    • Organizational Assessment, Global Public Healthcare Provider: Assessed IT organization for president of a $3 billion global behavioral health organization; delivered current state findings, recommendations, and an 18-month implementation roadmap designed to improve service delivery and increase efficiency; focused on people and processes, including organization structure, skills and capabilities, team and individual accountability, process efficiencies/opportunities, prioritization and decision-making, and cultural landscape.
    • Strategy Creation & Implementation, Third-Party Global Logistics Provider: Facilitated development of a five-year strategic plan and acted as interim strategic management office for executive team of $1 billion third-party logistics organization; established governance, facilitated decision-making and executive alignment, accelerated outcomes, defined measurable targets, and led organizational change and communication; worked with senior leadership to shape and establish account management, a new organization identified as strategically critical for growing and retaining clients with an anticipated net dollar impact of up to $40 million annually.
    • Strategic Planning, Service-As-A-Product Technology Solution Company: Crafted facilitated session to accelerate strategic roadmap and bridge the gap between vision and execution for a venture capitalist backed, established startup with steep growth targets; defined metrics, strategic focus areas, and dual-direction value-propositions; created implementation roadmap as the foundation for successful implementation and accelerated outcomes.
    • Business Optimization, Global Financial Services Provider: Designed processes and created comprehensive business analyst/project manager toolkit for US HR department of global financial services organization to improve efficiencies, quality, and standardization of project lifecycle; toolkit was subsequently adopted and implemented globally.
    • Strategic Planning, Venture-Capitalist Healthcare Provider: Crafted strategic priority facilitation for executive leadership of dynamic, venture capitalist-backed healthcare organization with steep growth targets; shaped and prioritized strategic initiatives that accelerated growth by maximizing resources; defined critical focus areas and initiatives including goals and metrics and created implementation roadmap.

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