Tom McGee
Managing Director

Settlement Administration; Claims Processing; Technical Services

Tom McGee is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in Washington, DC. Tom has over 20 years of experience as a software, web, and large-scale, enterprise systems manager. He has the ability to manage the entire product development life cycle from defining system requirements to final product implementation. Tom has strong functional knowledge of development procedures to ensure product design and delivery, and he also works with clients to determine project plans, time lines, and resources.

  • Experience

    Tom’s professional experience includes:

    • Currently serves as the project manager for the settlement administration software MDL Online. His responsibilities include system design, development team management, system research and analysis, system quality assurance, and development process coordination.
    • Serves as the project manager for the Delaware Claims Processing Facility trust repository system. This is a SharePoint system built to manage the many workflows and documents associated with the Trust Online claims processing system and asbestos trusts.
    • Manages the Ankura audit tracker system. This is a SharePoint system built to support the Ankura Trust Online auditing team in performing extensive reviews of claims.
    • Developed software to support membership-driven web applications for nationally recognized unions and educational associations.
    • Worked as a web developer and designer producing internal tracking software for MCI and a British telecom.