Vincent D’Amelio
Senior Managing Director

Forensic Accounting; CPA; AML/BSA Compliance

Vincent D’Amelio is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with over 29 years of experience focused on regulatory compliance, forensic accounting investigations, AML/BSA compliance, integrity monitoring, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and fidelity claims. He is based in New York.

  • Experience

    His experience in regulatory compliance includes Anti-Money Laundering rules, Bank Secrecy Act, and FCPA matters. Vincent has led numerous forensic accounting investigations involving the misapplication of generally accepted accounting principles and the misappropriation of assets. He has been recognized as an expert in forensic accounting and fidelity claims in both state and federal courts.

    Vincent began his career in the government, serving as a regulator in the insurance industry and later as a senior financial investigator in the New York County District Attorney’s Office.

    He has experience leading historical transaction reviews, or lookbacks, including supervising a team of over 200 investigative professionals responsible for analyzing more than 1.5 billion banking transactions to determine whether suspicious activity reports were necessary. He also has experience in high-level data analytics. He led a team of 10 professionals assisting the Madoff trustee in applying advanced data analytic and visualization tools to the trustee’s investigations.

    Additionally, Vincent served as the primary on-site, day-to-day point of contact for the independent financial monitor on behalf of New York City for the cleanup at the World Trade Center following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

    Vincent led a team of over 20 professionals the reconstruction of a bank’s servicing practices related to mortgage customers in bankruptcy under investigation by a US trustee. He also worked with the Securities Exchange Commission, leading an investigation restatement of a publicly traded equipment rental company’s financial statements. The accounting issues included purchase accounting, sale and lease back transactions, and liability reserves.

    He has experience testifying in court. As the leader of the investigation and restatement at an online employment recruiting website regarding the backdating of stock options, he was called as witness for the prosecution in the criminal trial of the chief of operations related to the Southern District of New York Investigation and Restatement.

    Vincent has served as the lead forensic accountant to the trustee in bankruptcy relating to the Agape World Ponzi scheme in the Eastern District of New York. Additionally, he has investigated the misappropriation of partnership assets and the theft and diversion of assets by a managing partner of a distressed asset workout fund. Vincent has additional experience leading a multinational investigation of alleged violations of the FCPA in Saigon and Kuala Lumpur on behalf of an international hospitality company. He has also investigated violations of the FCPA in Manilla on behalf of an international construction firm.

    As director of forensic accounting in AIG’s fidelity claims department, Vincent was responsible for all forensic accounting aspects of all domestic and international fidelity claims. He has investigated and prepared proof-of-loss forms for insureds filing against their fidelity and employee dishonesty policies. Vincent has also led numerous court-ordered monitorships of organized crime-influenced companies and unions in the construction and private carting industries.

    Vincent has a BA from Queens College CUNY and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in the state of New York. He has served as an adjunct professor in forensic accounting at New York University and St. John’s University.

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