W. Chad Peterson
Senior Director

Business Valuation & Financial Modeling

W. Chad Peterson is an Senior Director at Ankura specializing in healthcare valuation and financial modeling. Chad has an extensive background in business valuation with experience in healthcare valuation engagements that involve mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, due diligence, joint ventures, divestitures, partnership transactions, and leasing arrangements. His healthcare valuation experience includes general acute care and specialty hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, cancer treatment centers, cardiac catheter laboratories, and a variety of physician practices.

  • Experience

    Chad’s professional experience includes:

    • Valuation of non-profit hospitals related to regulatory review by state attorneys general in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Idaho. Valuations were to determine if non-profit entities were receiving fair market value. Along with valuation, due diligence was performed related to due diligence process.
    • Valuations for financial reporting related to affiliations between non-profit entities. Includes non-profit hospitals affiliating with other non-profit hospitals, as well as affiliation of non-profit hospitals to a non-profit health plan. Also assisted with affiliation between two non-profit health plans.
    • Valuation and “soft” due diligence of physician practices for for-profit and non-profit healthcare systems. Engagements included financial analysis of practice, valuation of practices (including related intangible assets), and estimate of salary compensation range upon employment. Analyzed at least 40 physician practices in a wide variety of specialties for multiple clients.
    • Analyzed economic terms of co-management and management service agreements between healthcare systems and physician owned management companies.
    • Consulting project to advise non-profit healthcare system on options related to an underperforming hospital. Hospital system was considering immediate divestiture, turnaround plan, and turnaround plan followed by divestiture. Responsible for financial modeling of various scenarios and presentation of those findings.
    • Financial modeling and development of five-year projections during due diligence related to the potential acquisition of a Colorado-based health insurance plan by national non-profit insurer conversion transaction.