Compliance Program Development and Implementation

The 1991 United States Sentencing Guidelines and its 2010 Amendment (collectively, the USSG) outline the seven elements of an effective compliance program and Ankura’s compliance team has used these elements to assist over two hundred healthcare organizations and nearly 20% of all hospitals in the United States with implementation and enhancements to their compliance programs. We have a robust library of policy and procedure templates and tools to assist healthcare organizations with efficient implementation of comprehensive compliance programs. We assist clients with, among other things:

  • Development of compliance policies, procedures, and standards of conduct
  • Development of audit and monitoring plans and performance of auditing and monitoring services
  • Development of reporting dashboards and other reporting tools
  • Development and implementation of compliance training (both live and computer-based training)
  • Implementation of hotlines and other mechanisms for reporting wrongdoing
  • Performance of investigations into allegations of wrongdoing
  • Implementation of sanction screening and background checks
  • Documentation, coding, and billing audits
  • Negotiation with government agencies
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