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Financial Reporting Valuation

Ankura’s valuation consulting expertise extends well beyond analyses for regulatory or tax compliance. We routinely provide valuations for our clients to assist them in meeting financial reporting requirements. Ankura has provided extensive financial and intangible asset valuations for purchase accounting (FASB ASC 805 and FASB ASC 958-805), goodwill impairment testing (FASB ASC 350), and share-based compensation (FASB ASC 718) purposes.

Our value estimates are fully supported by observed market patterns and appropriate valuation approaches. We have significant experience supporting and defending our conclusions with our clients’ auditors and the Securities and Exchange Commission. We work successfully with the review personnel at all the major accounting firms. This ensures our opinions are rigorously supported, which is extremely important for a smooth review process.

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Richard D Hitt
Richard D. Hitt
Senior Managing Director