Technology Advisory

Laying the foundation for the future.

Technology has been at the tip of the spear driving successful organizations, and all signs indicate that it will continue to be the innovation engine for organizations in the future. Digital innovation can be leveraged to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce complexity, mitigate risks, provide a unique competitive advantage, and drive significant value creation. As the engine for transformation, growth, and change, the IT organization must deliver tangible benefits from its current investments while assuring organizations’ leadership that the future technology roadmap defines the path for sustainable business success.

Ankura’s team of experts partners with companies to assess the current state of the organization’s technological capabilities (people, process, technologies, platforms, organizational structure), align on the future vision of the organization, identify gaps in capabilities, and establish actionable plans to address those gaps. We focus on helping IT organizations gain the agility and expertise necessary to ensure that the business can successfully respond to continued market fluctuations.

We offer a wide range of technology advisory services including:

  • IT Assessment
    We provide an assessment of current people, platforms, infrastructure, applications, and organizational structures and processes, and partner with leadership to solidify the future vision, identify gaps, and establish plans to support business strategies and ensure lasting results. In addition, we regularly conduct IT due diligence for companies and private equity clients looking to vet out the true value of a company’s IT and data assets.
  • IT Strategy
    We work with leadership to establish strategic areas of focus, align on prioritized strategies, and build actionable plans to deliver value and seamless integration of people, processes, and technology.
  • Digital Roadmap Development
    We work with IT and the business to identify customer needs, prioritize those needs, and establish the transformational digital roadmaps for customer engagement.
  • Data Advisory
    We work with IT and business stakeholders to advance their strategic data initiatives by leveraging data, process, performance, and analytics expertise that is combined with a holistic view of the needs of the organization. Core to innovation is an actionable set of strategies and approaches that maximize the value of data, including the opportunities to leverage automation and advanced analytics.
  • IT Solution Evaluation
    We collaboratively and objectively evaluate alternative solutions (e.g., ERP, HRIS, etc.) against comprehensive requirements, understand the capabilities of the solution relative to business needs, and help organizations make informed solution selections.
  • IT Solution Implementation
    We lead the planning and implementation of strategic solution implementations while focusing on gaining organizational alignment. The actionable planning includes structure, role, process, and measurement changes required to increase adoption and achieve desired business outcomes while equipping the organization for ongoing success.
  • Transformational Change Delivery
    We help clients communicate the “why” behind the change, establish a compelling vision of the future, and create executable plans based upon a people-centric approach that will drive a high level of commitment, momentum, and adoption.
  • Software License Compliance & Optimization
    We work with businesses to help them optimize their use of software licenses, resulting in significant reduction in costs. We also help our clients manage complex compliance processes across their software landscape, deal with publisher driven audits and, resolve licensing disputes.