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Geoff Walker

Senior Managing Director

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Geoff Walker is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura based in Washington, DC. He joined Ankura in 2020, following Ankura’s acquisition of Water Street Partners, which he co-founded in 2008. Water Street Partners has been independently ranked as the number one global advisor on joint ventures since 2017. Geoff has extensive experience structuring and restructuring joint ventures and advising clients on maximizing the value of their joint venture portfolios. Geoff serves a global client base primarily of companies in the natural resources sector, including oil and gas, metals and mining, chemicals, utilities, and alternative energy. He is a regular, featured speaker at industry and corporate events and has written extensively on joint ventures.


Geoff’s professional experience includes:

  • National Oil Company JV Portfolio Asset Management System: Advised the CEO of a Middle East national oil company in developing and implementing an asset management system.
  • Integrated Oil Company JV Portfolio Review and Strategy: Led a comprehensive review of the upstream joint ventures for a Europe-based integrated oil company, resulting in a new model for managing roughly 50% of the company’s production.
  • Emerging Market LNG JV Operating and Governance Model: Developed the operating and governance model for the operator of a development phase LNG joint venture in an emerging market in advance of final investment decision.
  • National Oil Company Board Directors Training Program: Designed and led a multiyear training program for a Middle East national oil company’s joint venture board directors.
  • North American Utility Renewable Energy JV Portfolio: Advised the head of the renewables business unit of a North American utility company on its portfolio of renewable energy joint ventures.
  • North American Refinery JV Integration: Advised the CEO of one the largest refineries in North America to redefine the operating model.
  • Middle East Oil and Gas Company Retail Transaction: Advised a Middle Eastern oil and gas company on a transaction to form a retail joint venture.
  • European Chemicals Company Transaction: Advised a global chemicals company on a joint venture transaction to form and build a new production facility in Eastern Europe.
  • South American Alternative Energy JV Governance Assessment: Advised the CEO and shareholders of a 50/50 hydropower joint venture in South America in assessing and restructuring the governance model.
  • Global Oil Company Asset Strategy: Led a review and strategic planning engagement for the largest asset in the Gulf of Mexico for a global oil company.
  • National Oil Company JV Portfolio Review and Strategy: Led a review of the joint ventures in the North American portfolio of a national oil company.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Initiative on Reducing Methane Emissions: Facilitated an industrywide initiative on behalf of the co-sponsors (an integrated oil company and global non-profit) and participants (eight of the largest oil and gas companies in the industry) to reduce methane gas emissions in non-operated joint ventures.
  • European Midstream JV Governance Assessment: Advised the CEO and shareholders of a major, cross-border pipeline in conducting a review of the governance system and developing restructuring options.
  • Integrated Oil Company JV Portfolio Review: Advised a North America-based integrated oil company on the management of its portfolio of upstream, non-operated joint ventures, including benchmarking its approach relative to industry peers.
  • Integrated Oil Company Asset Manager Training Program: Developed and led the annual non-operated asset manager training program for a Europe-based integrated oil company.
  • Oil Field Services JV Governance Model: Advised the CEO of an oilfield services joint venture between two global, EPC companies in managing the board of directors.
  • North American LNG JV Evolution Options: Advised the CEO and board of directors of a multipartner LNG facility to evaluate evolution options as it transitioned to the build phase.
  • North American Chemicals Company Restructuring Options: Advised the CEO of a North American chemicals company on potential restructuring options of an underperforming, project phase joint venture.
  • Middle East Chemicals Company JV Portfolio Management System: Advised the leadership team of one of the largest chemical companies in the world on the creation of a unit to manage its interests in its joint ventures, accounting for almost 90% of the company’s total production.
  • North American LNG JV Operating Model and Governance Framework: Advised the shareholders in a development phase, North American LNG joint venture in creating an operating model and governance framework to supplement the legal agreements in defining the ways of working between the partners.
  • MS, Georgetown University
  • BS, United States Naval Academy

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