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Renee Wong

Managing Director

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San Francisco, CA 94104

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Renee Wong is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in San Francisco. She focuses on complex litigation matters with an emphasis on intellectual property infringement, commercial damages, breach of contract, and business valuation issues. She has analyzed, prepared, and critiqued a variety of economic damages claims including lost profits, reasonable royalties, unjust enrichment, price erosion, and diminution of business value. Renee has more than 18 years of experience consulting to a variety of companies on financial, economic, accounting, and damages matters. She has experience in a wide variety of industries including biotechnology, consumer electronics, medical devices, and equipment, computer software and hardware, and consumer products. She has served as the expert witness on damages in matters involving patent infringement, breach of contract, and business interruption.


Renee has calculated economic damages incurred as a result of infringement and/or misappropriation of various intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks. She has also quantified lost profits and unjust enrichment by analyzing demand for the plaintiff’s products, the impact of non-infringing alternatives, and the plaintiff’s manufacturing and marketing capabilities. Renee has assessed lost profits involving the determination of market size and demand, actual and projected sales, costs and profits, investigation and consideration of acceptable non-infringing alternatives, and marketing, manufacturing and financial capacity to make increased sales. Analyses have related to a variety of industries with concentrations in computer hardware and software, biotechnology devices, medical products, personal electronics, and consumer products.

In cases where royalties were at issue, Renee performed analyses related to the determination of a hypothetical royalty, including consideration of previous licensing arrangements, costs savings, profit improvement, apportionment issues, the presence of alternatives and other analytical methods. These analyses required review and determination of recorded and but-for revenues, costs, design around costs, profits, market share, market penetration rates, capital investment, contribution of the intellectual property to the product’s or company’s financial success, production efficiencies, product life cycle analysis, and competition.

Renee has also assessed economic damages related to breach of contract allegations and other complex commercial litigation. Renee has analyzed the financial condition of corporations, business segments, product lines, and partnerships and assessed financial statements, disclosures, and other representations. Renee has analyzed and prepared lost profits claims, addressing issues such as actual and projected revenues, cost of goods, indirect costs, general and administrative expenses, taxes, cost of capital, and discount rates. She has also performed analysis of contractual agreements and sales records in the creation of price erosion and price diminution models; pricing terms; market and sales trends; illegal business practices; sales force causation; contracting practices; effective price calculation; and marketplace abuse issues.

  • BA, Economics, University of California, Berkeley
  • BA, Legal Studies, University of California, Berkeley
  • Certified Licensing Professional
  • American Bar Association
  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • Licensing Executive Society

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