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Scott A. Rinaldi

Managing Director

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Washington, DC 20006

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Scott Rinaldi is a Managing Director at Ankura with more than 20 years of experience providing strategic, operational, managerial, and financial solutions to distressed companies as well as creditors in both in- and out-of-court restructurings. He has broad experience including engagements in the financial services, airline, retail, real estate, technology, funeral services, not-for-profit, and manufacturing (paper products, telecommunications, industrial equipment, print fulfillment) industries as well as the government sector. He is based out of Washington, DC.


Scott’s professional experience includes:

  • Peabody Energy Corporation: Served as team lead on all prepetition operational preparation activities, including but not limited to the Chapter 11 voluntary petitions, first day motions/orders, first day declaration, and operational readiness, including internal training materials for a bankruptcy filing that included more than 150 individual debtor entities. Led the engagement team that was responsible for helping the debtors navigate the bankruptcy process, including monthly operating reports, statements and schedules, processes to determine assumption or rejection of executory contracts, and reconciliation of claims, among other tasks.
  • RadioShack Corporation: Served as team lead with respect to all prepetition operational preparation activities. After filing, helped the debtors navigate the bankruptcy process, including but not limited to complying with all bankruptcy-related reporting requirements, rejecting store leases and vacating more than 2,000 store locations, determining executory contracts to be rejected, and assisting in the development of a transition services agreement in consultation with the relevant parties, and the plan of a reorganization and disclosure statement, including the claims estimation and liquidation analysis.
  • Caribbean Petroleum Liquidation Trust: Responsible for all day-to-day activities associated with the Caribbean Petroleum Liquidation Trust. Tasks include overseeing and managing former debtor staff focused on the wind-down of all business activities, reconciling and resolving approximately $7 billion of claims and making distributions to creditors holding allowed claims, and reporting activities of the Trust to all constituent groups, including the bankruptcy court.
  • Rex Ventures Group, LLC: Financial advisor to the receiver of a Ponzi scheme that involved more than two million individual unique users (approximately one million users paid money into the scheme), and assisted in the development and implementation of a claims reconciliation protocol to review, reconcile, and resolve filed proofs of claim.
  • Arcapita Bank BSC: Assisted with claims resolutions and distributions pursuant to the plan of liquidation.
  • MF Global Holdings, Ltd.: Served on the engagement team advising the Chapter 11 trustee, assisting debtors in navigating the bankruptcy process, including the development of a plan of liquidation confirmed by the bankruptcy court.
  • SDNY Receivership. Served as financial advisor to the receiver of a cash management business seized by the government after a theft of $50 million was discovered. Assisted in the orderly closure of the business, including the sale of two viable entities and disposition of all other assets through bankruptcy. Led the engagement team responsible for all aspects of the voluntary bankruptcy filings.


  • MBA, Indiana University
  • BS, Florida State University
  • Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors
  • Turnaround Management Association

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