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Ankura Launches Generative AI Tool, NoraGPT, Powered by OpenAI for Ankura Employees and Clients

February 20, 2024

Unwavering commitment to technological innovation allows the firm’s professionals to elevate their work and first-in-class services

Today, Ankura Consulting Group, LLC (“Ankura”), a leading global expert services and advisory firm, announced the successful launch of a custom, state-of-the-art generative AI tool, NoraGPT, for use by all 2,000 of its global employees. The specialized tool was built on OpenAI and boasts unique human-like features, including long-term and ‘forever’ memory capabilities that align with Ankura’s proprietary reasoning, logic, and conversational modules to enhance efficiency and creativity across various tasks for employees. The platform will also assist with file management in a secure cloud environment.

NoraGPT complements Ankura employees’ specific needs and workflows as it better understands context and provides relevant and nuanced responses, ensuring precision and accuracy with no exceptions. The tool was developed on Ankura’s own front-end system and is being deployed on its own secured environment. It will be leveraged internally by Ankura employees as well as externally as a solution to clients, furthering Ankura’s commitment to delivering first-in-class services.

The NoraGPT tool marks another milestone in Ankura’s unwavering commitment to technological innovation and data security. NoraGPT is not only a significant advancement in new technology and artificial intelligence but meets the highest standards for data protection for Ankura’s internal and external client data.

Kevin Lavin, CEO of Ankura, reflected on the new development: “I am thrilled to announce the deployment of NoraGPT to all Ankura employees as well as our clients. This would not have been possible without the resoluteness of both our AI team and the OpenAI team. The launch of NoraGPT further solidifies Ankura’s place as a first-in-class, technology-driven, and innovative consulting firm led by brilliant employees who put clients’ needs first.”

Jeffrey Hunter, Senior Managing Director and Global AI Practice Leader, said: “I am extremely proud of the work our team has done to create and deploy NoraGPT. With our drive and dedication, we are revolutionizing the world of AI in consulting, and this is only the beginning. When we set out to build NoraGPT, we wanted our people and our clients to utilize the power of AI for good, and we have accomplished that.”

As an OpenAI enterprise partner, Ankura is securing its place at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape and will continue to shape a future where technology and human ingenuity unite to create remarkable success.

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