Gene L. Deetz
Senior Managing Director

Tax Controversy, Regulatory Accounting Investigations, & Valuation Expert

Gene L. Deetz is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, based in New York. His expertise is in disputes and investigations. Gene conducts valuations of business interests, intangible assets, private equities, and fixed income securities and related derivatives. His recent valuation work includes engagements for large financial services entities regarding complex structured financial products. Additionally, Gene’s current engagements include complex tax disputes, solvency opinions, and the application of US GAAP and IFRS.

  • Experience

    Gene specializes in cross-border tax reporting investigations, tax controversy, accounting standards, damage analysis, claims, and dispute matters, and expert witness testimony related to commercial, regulatory, and tax controversy matters.

    Gene’s professional experience includes:

    • Complex Federal Income Tax Litigation: Provided analysis of tax regulations and damage calculations.
    • Solvency, and Ability-to-Pay analysis: Provided analysis and testimony regarding valuation and damage analysis.
    • Regulatory Investigation: Provided services regarding the application of US GAAP, IFRS, including ASC 820 and IFRS 13.
    • Shareholder Litigation in Merger: Provided analysis and testimony regarding the application of IFRS including valuation standards in shareholder litigation of large financial services institutions.
    • Damage Analysis in Complex Civil Litigation: Provided analysis and testimony regarding damages related to fund performance, media companies in antitrust litigation.
    • Valuation, and Damage Analysis in Post-Acquisition Disputes including Material Adverse Change Cases: Provided analysis and testimony regarding the application of US GAAP and related valuation standards in financial analysis, valuation, and damage analysis.
    • Damage analysis and cost to complete allocations related to a joint venture partner dispute regarding completion of middle-eastern sovereign infrastructure projects.
    • Independent examiner of Swiss private bank reporting to the DOJ regarding cross-border tax matters under the DOJ / Swiss “Program”.
    • Analysis of fair value accounting and related disclosure standards including compliance with US GAAP and IFRS. Evaluation of techniques and assumptions used by market participants including model calibration and related inputs.
    • Structuring and performance analysis of CDOs and underlying or referenced assets.
    • Valuation and alleged damages of contribution of intellectual property to an acquired subsidiary.
    • Complex securities valuation and derivative close out issues.
    • Valuation and accounting for structured financial products with underlying residential real estate collateral, analysis of held for sale vs. held for investment considerations, and analysis of amount and timing of allowance for loan loss reserves.
    • Valuation regarding investments in CLNs and CDOs.
    • Valuation of mortgage-related securities including CDOs and RMBS.
    • Financial accounting and valuation of private equities and sovereign debt instruments.
    • Analysis of ISDA swap valuation considering market disruption and exercise conditions.
    • Analysis of asset-backed commercial paper conduit, including mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations with subprime assets. Analysis of structure, portfolio selection, and portfolio performance.
    • Valuation and accounting for fixed income assets and liabilities, derivatives, and mortgage-backed securities including advances, whole loans, and subprime assets.
    • Analysis of supply contract including its market, forward markets, and derivatives.
    • Brand value and purchase price allocation upon sale of brand.
    • Analysis of damages regarding termination of supply contract.
    • Valuations of business enterprise and underlying tangible and intangible assets.
    • Damages relating to installation of accounting software.
    • Analysis of valuation, accounting, and economics of lease-in, lease-out (LILO) transactions.
    • Analysis of damage allegations concerning accounting fraud impact on business acquisition.
    • Analysis and valuation of distressed sovereign debt.

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