Mike St. Martin
Managing Director

Business & Intangible Asset / Intellectual Property Valuation; Economic Damages

Mike St. Martin is a Managing Director at Ankura and specializes in performing business and intangible asset/intellectual property valuations used in financial reporting, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, strategic planning, and tax planning. In addition, he works extensively with legal teams involved in complex litigation/economic damages assignments. Mike has been actively involved in financial consulting and banking for more than 20 years.

  • Experience

    Mike has valued the following types of business entities and securities: privately-held corporation business enterprise, privately-held corporation fractional ownership interests, public corporation restricted stock, public corporation subsidiaries/divisions, complex capital structures (e.g., various classes of debt, common/preferred stock, options, and/or warrants), general and limited partnership interests, joint ventures, proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability corporations.

    Mike has performed valuation, remaining useful life, lost profits/economic damages, and/or transfer pricing analyses related to the following types of intangible assets: computer databases, computer software, copyrights, customer lists, and customer relationships, employment contracts, franchise agreements, goodwill, in-process research and development, licensing agreements, non-compete agreements, patents, proprietary technology, supplier contracts, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, and trained and assembled workforces.


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