Mike St. Martin
Managing Director

Business & Intangible Asset / Intellectual Property Valuation; Economic Damages

Mike St. Martin is a Managing Director at Ankura, and specializes in performing business and intangible asset/intellectual property valuations used in financial reporting, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, strategic planning, and tax planning. In addition, he works extensively with legal teams involved in complex litigation/economic damages assignments. Mike has been actively involved in financial consulting and banking for more than 20 years.

  • Experience

    Mike has valued the following types of business entities and securities: privately-held corporation business enterprise, privately-held corporation fractional ownership interests, public corporation restricted stock, public corporation subsidiaries/divisions, complex capital structures (e.g., various classes of debt, common/preferred stock, options, and/or warrants), general and limited partnership interests, joint ventures, proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability corporations.

    Mike has performed valuation, remaining useful life, lost profits/economic damages, and/or transfer pricing analyses related to the following types of intangible assets: computer databases, computer software, copyrights, customer lists, and customer relationships, employment contracts, franchise agreements, goodwill, in-process research and development, licensing agreements, non-compete agreements, patents, proprietary technology, supplier contracts, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, and trained and assembled workforces.

    Select examples of Mike’s project-related experience include:

    Financial Reporting

    • Extensive experience in performing valuations to be used for financial reporting under Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Codification 805 (business combinations), 350 (intangibles—goodwill, and other), 360 (property, plant, and equipment), and 820 (fair value measurements and disclosures).
    • Performed multiple financial reporting valuation engagements for a publicly traded food service equipment company. Responsibilities included performing business enterprise and intangible asset valuations in connection with due diligence activities, acquisitions, and annual impairment testing.


    • Prepared an expert report and performed solvency analyses of a privately held construction product manufacturing company that was involved in an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigation.
    • Prepared an expert report to assess damages associated with trade secret misappropriations associated with an electronic payment processing company.
    • Prepared an expert report and valuation analyses regarding the fair value of a ranching and farming business involved in a dissenting shareholder matter.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Advised the board of directors of a tobacco company regarding a proposed $2 billion transaction. Prepared a fairness opinion as to whether the proposed transaction was fair to the company shareholders from a financial point of view.
    • Prepared a fairness opinion regarding a proposed transaction involving a packaging machinery manufacturer with an employee stock ownership plan.


    • Advised the board of directors of a telecom company on restructuring alternatives.
    • Advised senior management of a distressed $1 billion technology company with an out-of-court restructuring plan for its $500 million creditor group.

    Strategic Planning

    • Advised senior management of a publicly traded energy company regarding the potential fair market value of certain converted power plant assets.
    • Prepared a valuation report and analyses involving a buy-out option of a national network of interstate travel plazas with revenue of $4 billion.

    Tax Planning

    • Prepared an expert report to support certain tax positions taken by a medical device company in response to notices of deficiencies from the IRS related to certain royalties paid by the company’s subsidiaries to the US based parent company for the use of certain technology and other intellectual property.
    • Prepared business and intangible asset valuation reports for tax planning purposes for a publicly traded manufacturer with revenue over $10 billion.