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Ankura Otter AnalyticsTM

Your Data. Our Solution.

Better Decisions Faster: Ankura Otter AnalyticsTM evaluates internal and public data quickly and provides the most relevant information based on our proprietary analytics. Ankura Otter AnalyticsTM analyzes context and provides options for decision-makers to act.

Improve Operations: Ankura Otter AnalyticsTM can improve a variety of functions, including supply chain, investigations, fraud detection, and insider threats.  It can monitor and measure performance which results in cost reductions, time saving, and lower mistake rates.


Insurance Investigation & Fraud Detection

Otter Analytics revolutionizes insurance fraud detection by employing advanced analytics and techniques:

  • Real-time analysis of data sources, including call logs, police reports, news stories, and demand letters
  • Identification of potential fraud indicators and exonerators, reducing the risk of fraudulent claims
  • Detection of high-risk claims, providers, and relationships in real-time
  • Integration with existing systems and applications for seamless end-to-end fraud prevention
  • Customizable analytics empowering human-driven decision-making
  • Continuous evolution and adaptation to changing fraud schemes
  • Analysis of messy, narrative text to uncover hidden fraud patterns and relationships
Data Discovery, Integration, & Reconciliation for All Industries

Otter Analytics quickly addresses ALL data discovery, integration, analysis, and reconciliation challenges for companies of all industries:

  • Rapid integration of both structured and unstructured data from various applications and data sources, enabling comprehensive data discovery, integration, and reconciliation capabilities
  • Automatic identification and resolution of data inconsistencies, anomalies, and discrepancies
  • Real-time data processing and analysis for timely discovery and reconciliation of data issues
  • Customizable rules, models, and queries to match specific data discovery and reconciliation requirements
  • Advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to detect patterns, relationships, and anomalies in data, facilitating effective data reconciliation
National Security

Otter Analytics addresses the national security needs of the U.S. government by providing advanced analytic capabilities, real-time insights, and comprehensive data integration, enabling informed decision-making and proactive threat detection:

  • Advanced analytics capabilities leverage cutting-edge graphical analytics to identify hidden relationships, patterns, and indicators within complex data
  • Real-time insights and alerting allow for immediate action to be taken in response to potential security threats
  • Comprehensive data integration enables the analysis of vast amounts of mult-source data, including classified, publicly available, and enterprise data
  • Proactive threat detection helps identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities before they escalate
  • Collaborative platform facilitates knowledge sharing among government and intelligence agencies
  • Easy-to-use interface caters to users with varying levels of technical expertise, promoting widespread adoption and effective utilization

The Ankura Difference

The Ankura Otter AnalyticsTM patented platform helps you save valuable time and resources by automating manual tasks, streamlining data management processes, and eliminating the need for extensive searching through enterprise and public data. Whether deployed as a front-end tool for your employees, or operating behind the scenes as a back-end intelligent platform, Otter Analytics helps you achieve significant cost savings, increased operational efficiency, and improved decision-making capabilities.

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