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Labor Strategy

Engaging hourly employees in a meaningful way

In a world where the performance of people drives financial results, having the right labor strategy is critical. After all, an organization's most controllable cost and highest value creator is its people. By leveraging the right labor strategies and creating appropriate governing principles for leaders, organizations can achieve cost savings while driving increased engagement. Whether an owner-operator or potential investor, all parties can benefit from crucial insights into an organization’s current labor environment.

Ankura’s labor strategy professionals help clients design and implement labor strategies, including shift schedules, to produce rapid and sustainable improvements. We help our clients understand their cultural stability, identify opportunities to remove hidden costs, and drive profit by engaging with their employees in a meaningful way.


Labor Strategy Workshop

A half-day interactive meeting that uncovers hidden costs relating to operations and labor strategy. Our team reviews current practices and shares labor options to rapidly capture cost savings.

Operations & Labor Strategy Review

We conduct a thorough analysis of an organization's labor environment, allowing company leadership to capture value and better understand the amount of effort required to make changes and achieve goals.

Employee Engagement Survey

Our boots-on-the-ground team conducts employee surveys that help organizations understand how to drive a higher level of engagement while achieving cost savings. The survey is a focused exercise to analytically understand how different labor strategies may work better based on employee preferences.

Change Management & Labor Strategy Implementation

Ankura’s labor experts implement new plans directly with the workforce and educate employees on how the new plan will work and what it means for them. This hands-on approach at the employee level, combined with our employee database and industry best practices, allows Ankura to achieve significant operational savings that most firms miss.

Labor Forecasting & Profitability Monitoring

Ankura creates custom labor models that drive profitability through improved labor utilization. These models are built to be repeatable processes so that our clients can execute them as business conditions change.

Labor Union Negotiation

Ankura conducts operational studies that examine every word of a labor contract to attribute a financial impact to contract clauses. We recommend contract improvements and labor strategies tailored to hiring and retaining great employees.

Our Latest Thinking

Global Food Processor

Achieving $5.3 Million in Labor Savings

A global food processor achieved a $5.3 million in labor savings across just two of their more than 70 facilities around the world. A lack of visibility into labor spend was the culprit. Everything from overstaffing to overtime abuse was an area of waste. After working with Ankura and dissecting the information, the management team was empowered to make better decisions faster, driving costs down.

The Ankura Difference

Our team recognizes the inherent sensitivities associated with labor conflicts and offers a range of solutions based on client-specific needs. We engage the workforce in a real and meaningful way to drive discretionary effort—something that differentiates companies with the highest performance. We improve flexibility with labor strategies that correlate to your demand curve. We work closely with management teams, hourly employees, and unions using a hands-on approach to capture savings most firms miss.

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