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Records and Information Management


Records and Information Management (RIM) faces increasingly complex challenges from a wide range of regulations that mandate the disposal of consumer, customer, and employee personal data after an organization has no legal or business purpose for retention. Organizations must dispose of data at scale across all systems and repositories in order to remain compliant with current and emerging regulations. To do this, they must have a complete understanding of the data they have, where it is located, and their legal obligations.

Our experts bring real-world experience to developing and running effective RIM programs, which is enhanced by our deep expertise in the related fields of privacy, data management, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, information security, e-discovery, and information governance. Drawing upon this unique multidisciplinary expertise and experience enables Ankura to take a holistic, next-gen approach to help clients solve the real and highly complex RIM challenges that face them today.


Maturity Assessment

We assess your RIM program and create a comprehensive assessment and future state roadmap based on the most highly-respected frameworks, best practices, and decades of industry experience. As part of the assessment process, our deliverables typically include:

  • Current state assessment report with a comparison to your industry peers
  • Advice for closing gaps and addressing risks
  • Assessment of RIM program structure, level of budget support, and resourcing requirements
RIM Program Activation

We deliver everything you need for a RIM program fortified with essential controls and capabilities that will improve compliance within weeks—not months or years. As part of the activation, our deliverables typically include:

  • Updated RIM policy
  • RIM procedures
  • Updated records retention schedule
  • RIM training microlearning modules
Data Minimization at Scale

We will build and operate an enterprise-data minimization program that will dig deep into your structured and unstructured information repositories to reveal high-risk and low-value data that can be defensibly disposed of. As part of data minimization, our deliverables typically include:

  • Data minimization standards and procedures that provide the “rules of the road” for minimizing data at scale to ensure consistency and repeatability
  • Data repository risk ranking that defines the risk levels in each data repository and recommendations for prioritizing remediation
  • A data minimization workplan that defines activities, timelines, and resources required to execute data minimization
  • Data minimization operational support from our team of technical and subject matter experts to help you start and finish the journey

RIM Program Activation

Top Five Global Automaker

Ankura partnered with a global automaker to modernize their RIM function and enable compliance with the data retention requirements of U.S. and EU Privacy regulations. Based on stakeholder interviews with end users from 20 departments, Ankura authored a global RIM policy and standardized over 9,800 record types across more than 350+ departmental retention schedules.

The Ankura Difference

Our focus is on making Records and Information Management work at an enterprise scale. We enable clients to manage their data properly for as long as they are required to retain it—and then defensibly dispose of it. Our approach relies on our team’s cross-functional, deep expertise in e-discovery, Privacy, Data Management, HIPAA, and Information Governance, all of which are critical to building an effective, next-generation RIM program.

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