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Transaction Strategy & Capabilities

Maximizing value through strategic transactions

Corporate transactions – whether through M&A, JVs, partnerships, licensing agreements, or otherwise – can be a critical enabler of strategy and, in some cases, core to a company’s ability to compete in today’s global economy.  Having a plan for how inorganic growth will shape the future of a company is necessary for identifying and successfully executing transactions that enable a company’s strategy. Beyond strategy, we believe our clients also need the organization, capabilities, and tools to execute smart transactions and achieve synergies.

Ankura works with our clients to develop short and long-term inorganic growth strategies that involve a range of transaction types, from M&A to joint ventures to commercial arrangements with partners and more. Whether our client’s goal is to commercialize a new technology, expand into a new product or service, or enter a new market, we use data and extensive experience to help clients shape a fit-for-purpose. We also arm clients with the organization, tools, and training they need to put their strategies into action.   


Corporate Inorganic Growth Strategy

When clients lack the time, capital, or capabilities to go-at-it-alone or simply think an acquisition or partnership may lead to better outcomes, we help them design the right strategies, including where and when to use M&A, JVs, partnerships, consortia, licensing agreements, and customer-supplier relationships.

Ecosystem Design

When a company’s strategy requires building a new industry value chain or entering an interdependent web of relationships with suppliers, customers, competitors or other stakeholders, we work with them to design partnership ecosystems that will set them up for success.

IP Commercialization and Licensing Strategy

When companies hold valuable intellectual property but lack the capabilities to commercialize it on their own, we help determine an optimal overall licensing approach, including sizing the opportunity, evaluating multiple licensing options, and identifying potential licensees.

Market and Competitor Assessments

We conduct market and competitor studies to assess market attractiveness and competitor capabilities.

Business Planning

We develop strategies and business plans for potential transactions to determine if the opportunity is worth pursuing and to define post-close plans and investments for the first 3-5 years.

Organizing for Transactions

We help clients internally organize to better source and execute transaction-dependent strategies including redesigning, optimizing, and training their strategy, business development, and M&A functional teams; creating or redesigning corporate investment stage-gate and other transaction processes; and establishing guidance documents, policies, and procedures to enable the organization to effectively execute transactions.

Autonomous Vehicle Software Provider

Using Partnerships to Go to Market

Ankura advised a leading autonomous vehicle software company on its go-to-market partnering strategy. The company was considering entering an exclusive partnership with a core customer for a single application of the technology. We reviewed the implication of entering this partnership, as well as our client’s approach to technology commercialization more broadly. We then worked with our client to jointly develop a strategy – both for this particular deal and more broadly – that would enable our client to diversify risk and pursue non-exclusive arrangements. As a result, the client ended up forsaking their initial joint venture proposal and instead entered into a number of partnerships with other customers and stakeholders spanning a number of technology applications.

The Ankura Difference

We have helped some of the largest global companies prepare for “bet the company” transactions by ensuring they have the strategies, tools, and training to help their businesses evolve. We apply lessons learned from seeing hundreds of companies effectively use transactions to transform their businesses and give our clients the ability to meet and evolve to adapt to new competitive threats and opportunities.

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