CISO and Cybersecurity Leadership Services

Ankura provides seasoned and certified cybersecurity leaders and former security officers on an interim basis. Our approach to chief information security officers (CISO) services leverages Ankura’s senior security leaders from diverse backgrounds while implementing an approach that effectively manages cybersecurity risks and cost-effectively addressing the needs of the organization. There is a continued global shortage of qualified information security leaders with hands-on experience and skills to drive the security organization and articulate material cybersecurity risk to the board, executives, and stakeholders. These attributes are highly required in transformational companies or organizations that prefer the cost-effectiveness of interim senior leadership in the CISO role. We remain engaged for as long as we are needed and exit with a transition plan that includes identifying and vetting permanent leadership and staff to take the security program forward on a full-time basis.

Our solutions include:

  • Quick-turn current state and key risk assessment
  • Establish information security governance, organization, reporting and staffing
  • Secure and manage digital assets and infrastructure with a viable security architecture
  • Implement information classification and data governance
  • Assure regulatory awareness and compliance
  • Manage threats, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Create incident response, business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Provide a cybersecurity investigation and forensics capability
  • Manage third-party security risk
  • Implement security controls and compromise detection capability
  • Advise on security audits
  • Produce actionable reporting to leadership and the board
  • Develop and guide client across the maturity roadmap
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Robert Olsen
Senior Managing Director
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Senior Managing Director