Professional Services Valuation

Health systems, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers, clinically-integrated networks (CINs), and other healthcare entities are entering into a wide variety of service arrangements and agreements to facilitate the coordination of care with the hopes of increasing quality and reducing costs. Since many of the arrangements and agreements involve physicians in some capacity, a fair market valuation opinion is typically necessary to ensure all parties stay within the guardrails of various laws and statutes.

Ankura’s compensation and service valuation experts have many years of experience providing reasonable and supportable fair market valuation opinions and are attuned to the many legal and regulatory issues affecting valuations in this area.

In order to ensure clients receive the highest level of expertise and service, we typically staff professional service projects with specialists in this area. Since valuing professional services (like valuing an asset or business) is both a quantitative and qualitative exercise, our professional service valuation specialists do not simply rely on a “black box” method or industry surveys to support our fair market value opinions.