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February Partnership Conversation: Financial Modelling for Joint Ventures

About the Webinar

Following the first Partnership Conversation, we hosted in January, our next 20-30-minute conversation will focus on financial modelling for JVs. We’ll explore questions such as:

  1. What is different about financial modelling for a JV transaction vs. another M&A transaction?
  2. What are the common mistakes deal teams typically make when financial modelling for JVs?
  3. How much does the deal structure / financial model really matter to the success of a JV during its lifecycle?

Ankura partnership expert, Lauren Sharp, will be joined by Caitlin Johnson, Aerospace & Defense industry expert, to share her experiences, stories, and tips on financial modelling for JVs.

As a reminder, each conversation is released on the last business day of the month and can be viewed upon release or on demand thereafter.

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