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Solving for Third Party Screening, Diligence, and Risk Management in the Context of Crisis, Integration, and Change

About the Webinar

Recent global developments are driving a need to reassess third party screening, diligence, and risk management solutions.  The sanctions regime arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, U.S. and allied restrictions on certain (particularly Chinese) technologies and infrastructure, supply chain integrity and human rights concerns, assertive application of anti-corruption and Anti-Money Laundering authorities, and ESG equities are among the many vectors complexifying and escalating third party risks to unprecedented levels.  This cascade of worries is driving heightened awareness and expectations among regulators, investors, customers, employees, and partners regarding effective third party diligence, management, and risk mitigation.

Conventional approaches to third party screening, diligence, and risk management (when implemented at all) have tended to be reactive and siloed by issue area, resulting in a scattershot, “whack-a-mole” effect.  Moreover, the diverse range of third party risks itself creates complexity and confusion, as disparate tools, techniques, and procedures have proliferated to address different concerns.  The exigencies of the current moment create both need and opportunity to develop more efficient and coherent solutions to enable enhanced third party diligence and risk management activities.

Join a panel of seasoned counsel, experienced in-house practitioners, and expert solutions providers for a free, CLE-eligible webinar discussion of third party screening, diligence, and risk management; analysis of the principal variables and opportunities characterizing the current environment; reconsideration and evaluation of available solutions; and discussion of how solutions can be efficiently implemented by companies and organizations navigating the dynamic risk environment.


  • How is the Ukraine crisis affecting third party risk?
  • What is the scope of third party risk and how is it changing?
  • What regulatory and policy risks and requirements implicate third party risk?
  • What solutions are available to help solve for third party screening, diligence, and risk management?
  • How can organizations distinguish between and choose among the available solutions?
  • How does an organization effectively operationalize and integrate third party screening, diligence, and risk management solutions?

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