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Doing business with government-end customers requires compliance with a growing body of complex laws and regulations, as well as an understanding of the unique processes and business systems particular to working with public entities. Organizations that implement the right strategies, organizational structures, and business processes and systems for sustainable performance on government contracts and grants can reap tremendous benefits and rewards. Enterprises that fail to stay on top of the ever-changing nature of government contract and grant requirements, and the business processes and systems for compliance, risk considerable negative consequences, including the complete loss of a business.

Ankura’s professionals help enterprises and organizations at all levels of the supply chain successfully win, obtain, and perform in all types of government contracts and grants with federal, state, and local government-end customers. From initial business development and capture strategies through contract and grant closeout and the necessary management tools in between, the Ankura team assists clients in designing and implementing the most appropriate and risk-based internal practices, systems, and tools for timely and compliant performance of both government contracts and funding instruments.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:


The enactment of FAR clause 52.203-13, “Contractor Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” has added an increased layer of risk to government contractors dealing with potential FCPA issues. Our anti-corruption professionals have diverse backgrounds in forensic and technical accounting, auditing, corporate finance, government regulation, compliance, data analytics, and eDiscovery that enable Ankura to assist with every aspect of an anti-corruption investigations and government disclosures.

Compliance & Ethics

Government contractors and grantees are required to comply with a multitude of legal requirements in the performance of their contracts and grants or face potential serious consequences, including the loss of a business. Our team of compliance and ethics professionals help clients design and implement robust compliance and ethics programs tailored to ensuring enterprise compliance with government contract and grant requirements.


Provisions for the effective stewardship and security of information assets when dealing with government contracts and grants are increasingly important requirements. Our team of seasoned professionals understands cybersecurity requirements embodied in government program requirements and how to help companies comply.

Data Governance and Compliance

Our team of experts has developed a unique, simplified, and consolidated approach that empowers entities of all shapes and sizes to maintain a healthy data ecosystem and enables better data oversight, compliance, utilization, and protection simultaneously.

Foreign Investments Advisory

Government contracts and grants often cross borders and implicate sensitive public issues. Our team provides deep insight and hands-on experience helping our clients succeed with their most complex international risks and opportunities.

Geopolitical Intelligence

With the US government applying unprecedented scrutiny to foreign-owned US assets with a nexus to national security, our team leverages its decades of government experience and personal networks to help investors and companies understand the considerations and factors that shape and influence government action to delay, deny, or approve complex deals.

International Trade Controls

Government contracts often involve international partners or requirements. Our team has deep experience working inside government contractors to seamlessly anticipate and resolve issues.

Litigation, Arbitration, & Disputes

Allegations of fraud will often initiate disputes with stakeholders, including employees, vendors, customers, shareholders, and regulators. Our experts consult with constituents to develop strategies and serve as expert witnesses when needed.

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