Merger & Acquisition Performance

Maximizing transaction value every step of the way

Increased competition for strategic and undervalued assets means it’s no longer enough for trusted advisors to simply identify and evaluate sustainable value opportunities. In today’s environment, they must do so in a rapid, efficient way.

To meet these higher demands, Ankura’s proven CPO (customers, product/service, operations) framework:

  • Bridges the gap between traditional financial statements and the strategic and operational decisions that drive them;
  • Reduces the time it takes to study and evaluate each new opportunity, yielding tactical operating plans more quickly so operating executives can achieve more rapid results; and
  • Leverages learning across similar industries, stages, and situations by cataloguing data points and analyzing them across our proprietary framework.

Following a transaction, senior executives, boards of directors, and owners are faced with the challenge of delivering synergies, transforming established leadership teams, aligning distinct organizational cultures, establishing joint operational processes, and uniting disparate technological systems into a unified whole. Our integration experts work with senior leadership as early as possible in the transaction to identify the people, process, culture, and technology infrastructure necessary to support the new entity’s strategic goals.

To drive successful integrations, Ankura establishes a management office to temporarily oversee the development, execution, and monitoring of comprehensive integration plans ranging from pre-close and day 1 readiness plans to integration roadmaps and detailed cross-functional project plans. We continue working with the leadership team to align corporate culture, organizational capabilities, and performance and incentive systems. Our integration experts guide our clients as they bring focus and clarity to new roles, responsibilities, and processes throughout the organization.

If an organization’s strategy is to have a platform business with multiple add-ons, our experienced consultants work with senior leaders to define integration objectives, scope, and phasing designed to mitigate business disruption, ensure effective integration, and optimize to achieve growth targets. One way Ankura supports this form of scaled growth is through the development of customized integration playbooks to equip the organization for appropriate standardization and acceleration of future additions.

When a carve-out, spin-off, or liquidation is the best option, speed is often required to maximize deal value. We mitigate the risks inherent in these situations by leading the design and execution of work-stream plans for separating the organizations, transitioning services, and closing on schedule.

Mergers and acquisitions come in a variety of forms, and today’s business environment demands that the players be focused, nimble, and swift. Ankura meets these demands by delivering a wide range of expert advisory services across every stage of the transaction lifecycle from sourcing evaluation before sending a letter of intent, through due diligence and 100-day planning, to exit. Specific services include:

  • Market-sizing and commercial due diligence
  • Operational, financial, and technical due diligence
  • Quality of earnings validation
  • Financial modeling
  • Exit and initial public offering preparation
  • Stand-alone cost structure
  • Creation and evolution of financial and operating functions
  • KPI dashboards and insights
  • Integration management office (IMO) oversight, governance, planning, and execution
  • Leadership alignment and integration
  • Cultural integration and employee engagement
  • Divestitures and separations
  • 100-day operating plan design and employee engagement
  • Human resources (HR) transition
  • Change leadership
  • Interim management (CEO/CFO/CRO/COO)
  • Organization design
  • Communication and training