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Brad Lohmeyer

Senior Managing Director

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Bradley Lohmeyer is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with over 14 years of experience leading and performing complex data analytics engagements in a wide range of scenarios. His field of expertise includes projects involving cyber and financial crime investigations, litigation consulting, and business intelligence. Brad leverages his education and hands-on experience with enterprise systems and other novel data sources to develop innovative, analytics-based solutions to clients’ critical business challenges. Brad is based in Chicago.


Brad approaches each client engagement through a business lens, seeking to first understand the various facts, processes, and issues at hand. With this understanding, he then works collaboratively with stakeholders to identify and gain access to the relevant systems and data sources pertaining to those foundational considerations. Brad and his team are experts at designing, visualizing, and communicating analytics that effectively address and contextualize key points of interest. Representative engagements include:

  • IP Litigation and Investigation: A national financial services firm was accused of stealing trade secrets from a vendor, including reverse-engineering the vendor’s proprietary valuation model. Brad led a team of data analysts to review the source code extracted from Visual Studio and other code repositories in order to analyze and document the changes in logic and code comprising dozens of machine learning models. Brad and team also analyzed data and procedures across 40+ databases, totaling 4TB of data, to definitively trace data flowing into each model iteration. In preparation for litigation and expert testimony, Brad devised several substantive analyses to dispel and disprove the allegations against the client. Throughout the engagement, Brad contributed to overall case strategy in close coordination with counsel, a testifying expert, and several senior client stakeholders.
  • Multinational Cyber Investigation: A wealthy individual and defense contractor was the target of a hacking operation backed by a foreign nation-state. Brad led an analytics team working in coordination with Ankura’s cyber security experts to trace the origin, identify co-conspirators, and drive counter-offensive litigation. As part of the effort, Brad and team obtained and analyzed a multitude of data sources, including call log records from 10+ individuals and four different carriers, subpoena records from internet services, web and server logs, and financial records. Brad and team organized and combined these into a single source for visualization, analysis, and presentation to counsel and other key stakeholders.
  • Cyber Investigation: A global compliance firm suffered an expansive, persistent cyber breach by threat actors targeting the volumes of material, non-public financial information maintained within one of the firm’s web-based products. Brad led a team of analysis and investigators to identify compromised user accounts and affected customer data, utilizing advanced analytics and visualization techniques across 10+ Terabytes of data from weblog, firewall, MFA, application, company database, and public sources. Along with Ankura’s cyber experts, Brad advised the client and external counsel on the details of the threat actor’s use of the client’s web-based application, the weakness identified and mitigated, and in production negotiations with relevant regulators.
  • Regulator-Mandated AML Lookback: In accordance with an FDIC Consent Order, a regional community bank engaged Ankura to conduct a two-year lookback review of customers and account activity. Brad led interviews and process walkthroughs with employees across various banking functions to understand their business model and related processes, and to identify relevant systems and data repositories. He led a team of data analytics and, in collaboration with other Ankura consultants and investigators, designed more than four dozen tests and typologies tailored to the bank’s risk profile and business model. Brad and other team leaders provided updates to the FDIC and advised the bank as it navigated the Consent Order.
  • Front-Running Trading Investigation: A large investment firm received whistleblower allegations that one of its portfolio managers engaged in front-running orders placed by another manager in the same firm. The allegation spanned several years and strategies. Brad and team collected and analyzed hundreds of millions of trading records and presented the client and external counsel with custom analysis and visualizations of complex audit trail and trading data, summarizing and contextualizing key facts in a consumable fashion. Along with counsel, Brad advised the client on a strategy to address relevant regulators.
  • Legal and Litigation Spend Management: The nation’s leading mortgage lender retained Ankura to advise their in-house legal team regarding various legal spend management opportunities and related processes. Brad led a team of data analysts in support of multiple high-priority initiatives, including migration to and implementation of a new e-billing and enterprise legal platform and the design and optimization of several key business processes. Brad also conceived and oversaw the creation of multiple data-driven interactive dashboards, which were presented to and used by senior members of the legal team to make timely, informed decisions regarding matter management and associated legal spend.
  • Government Investigation: A national insurance underwriter performed an internal investigation into an alleged scheme to generate fraudulent commissions by writing policies without customer authorization. While the client itself was not accused of perpetrating the scheme, it was under scrutiny by various governmental agencies, regulators, and potential litigants for whether its internal processes effectively identified and escalated complaints of agent impropriety. Brad oversaw the identification and analysis of nine years of policy and customer data from several internal and external sources. As the client was under significant pressure to report to state and federal regulators (including the DOJ), Brad and team utilized machine learning alongside traditional investigative techniques to quickly identify risk, scope remediation, and inform regulatory and litigation strategy.
  • Bernard L. Madoff Ponzi Scheme: Beginning in early 2009, Brad worked for seven years on behalf of the SIPA Trustee to investigate and unwind the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme — the largest such fraud in history. To this end, Brad served in several capacities, including reconstructing hundreds of millions of trading records to reconcile them with third-party data, reviewing and assessing program code used to execute the fraud, and designing and performing various financial red-flag analyses to drive recovery efforts.
  • MS, Predictive Analytics, Northwestern University
  • BS, Finance, University of Illinois

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