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66 Ankura Advisors Acknowledged by Who’s Who Legal as Leading Consulting Experts

October 3, 2023

Ankura is pleased to announce that 66 of our professionals have earned a well-deserved spot among advisors worldwide in the Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2023 list. This recognition highlights the exceptional depth of our advisory services spanning diverse sectors and geographical regions.

This recognition underscores the parallel proficiency in several critical areas including:

  1. Forensic Accounting
  2. Construction: Quantum Delay and Technical
  3. Construction: Financial Advisory and Valuation – Quantum of Damages
  4. Data and e-Discovery
  5. Digital Forensics
  6. Asset Recovery

Our experts from Asia Pacific; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and the Americas have been acknowledged for their outstanding contributions showcasing their ability to provide invaluable insights and expertise in navigating the complex global business landscape. We are committed to delivering measurable and meaningful results assisting our clients in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in today’s dynamic environment.

Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts is a leading publication known for its rigorous selection process which includes nominations, an in-depth database, peer references, and extensive research. They identify the most prominent practitioners and consulting experts and those who rank highest in their practice areas are included in the esteemed list of leading consulting experts. This year we are delighted to announce that the following professionals have been recognized as leading experts in their respective fields.


  1. Israel Almodovar
    WWL says: Israel Almodovar is a market-leading practitioner whose outstanding financial advisory, and valuation work this year has ranked him at the top of our research; Israel Almodovar brings over 20 years of experience to his construction practice which sees him provide expert analyses in both domestic and international construction disputes.
  1. Amanda Jo Amadon
    WWL says: Amanda Amadon wins acclaim from respondents for her vast experience handling complex construction project delay analyses.
  1. Peter V. Badala
    WWL says: Peter Badala is a highly respected name in the construction market, with “excellent experience in the energy space in particular.”
  1. Mark Clews
    WWL says: Mark Clews is a distinguished expert who regularly works on investigations related to electronic evidence and complex data sets; Mark Clews is a standout professional with vast experience assisting clients on the preservation and investigation of electronic evidence.
  1. Greg D. Crider
    WWL says: With over 35 years’ experience, Greg Crider ranks highly for his outstanding experience providing financial advisory and valuation analysis in complex construction projects; Greg Crider is held in high regard for his deep expertise in delay analysis and has vast experience advising on complex multijurisdictional construction projects.
  1. Robert W. Davenport
    WWL says: Robert Davenport enjoys wide acclaim as a construction expert among peers in the U.S. market. He has over 35 years of experience with design and construction disputes.
  1. Toshi Dezaki
    WWL says: Toshi Dezaki is singled out by respondents as a first-rate delay expert, advising clients from a wide range of industry sectors such as infrastructure, power, and transport among others.
  1. Jean-Michel Ferat
    WWL says: Jean-Michel Ferat earns plaudits for his top-notch forensic investigations practice spanning fraud, asset misappropriation, and money laundering among others.
  1. Jason Flemmons
    WWL says: Jason Flemmons is a market-leading accountant whose “SEC enforcement background gives him a great perspective in public company investigations.”
  1. Amy Gonce
    WWL says: Amy Gonce receives widespread acclaim for her top-tier accounting analysis for investigations and disputes in the healthcare and software industries, among others.
  1. Scott D. Gray
    WWL says: Scott Gray is a highly rated name in the quantum of delay market and is singled out by peers as “an exceptionally detail-orientated individual.”
  1. Christopher Harvey
    WWL says: Christopher Harvey has over 20 years of experience supporting his clients in complex investigations spanning fraud, asset tracing, and regulatory compliance issues among others.
  1. Josh Johnston
    WWL says: Josh is recognized as a seasoned consulting expert in the field.
  1. Patrick M. Kelly
    WWL says: Patrick Kelly receives substantial endorsements from peers and clients alike for his “practical approach to claim analysis” and “ample experience working to tight deadlines.”
  1. Brad Lohmeyer
    WWL says: Brad Lohmeyer is a long-standing figure in the market whose expertise covers digital crime, financial crime, and digital assets investigations. He “excels at structured data.”
  1. Linda MacDonald
    WWL says: Linda MacDonald impresses interviewees for being “always well prepared prior to her deposition”; She is “a true pleasure to work with.”
  1. Mark McGrath
    WWL says: Mark enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market.
  1. Rick Ostiller
    WWL says: Rick Ostiller ranks highly among peers thanks to his extensive experience assisting in high-profile forensic investigations and damages calculations across a range of industries.
  1. Diane Quick
    WWL says: Diane Quick is a distinguished practitioner with a wealth of experience in advising clients on e-discovery matters across a broad range of sectors.
  1. Steven Richards
    WWL says: Steven Richards comes highly recommended as an “energetic and detailed-oriented” expert who excels in internal and forensic accounting investigations.
  1. John Rollins
    WWL says: John Rollins comes highly recommended by sources for his asset recovery expertise, and is described as “an extremely quick and efficient expert who is always entirely in command of his report and the opposing side’s expert reports.”
  1. Jon Tomlin
    WWL says: Jon Tomlin is lauded for his top-notch economics experience covering economic damages and antitrust issues both domestically and abroad.
  1. Martin Wilczynski
    WWL says: Martin is highly regarded among peers and clients alike, who commend him for his measured analysis and complex problem solving.
  1. Bernard Woolfley
    WWL says: Bernard Woolfley is a “great” forensic accounting practitioner “well respected” for his “exceptionally thorough and detailed” approach and “ability to distil information to its essence.”
  1. Colleen Yushchak
    WWL says: Colleen Yushchak receives praise for her “deep subject matter expertise” and “the ability to provide practical, business-oriented, and understandable guidance.”


  1. Kevin Attrill
    WWL says: Kevin is a formidable construction expert whose “flexibility and sensitivity to the team dynamics is something that is well appreciated by clients.”
  1. Chris Clark
    WWL says: Chris Clark possesses “a solid reputation in the market” for expertly handling infrastructure and power delay claims.
  1. Anne Connolly
    WWL says: Anne Connolly receives considerable recommendations for her practice, and is lauded for being “very responsive and very sharp.”
  1. Premjit Dass
    WWL says: Premjit Dass is extensively experienced in managing forensic accounting matters and is especially sought after for construction-related disputes.
  1. Anel Idriz
    WWL says: “Anel Idriz is highlighted by sources as a “diligent, hardworking, and insightful” expert who brings “a proactive ‘hands-on’ approach to digging down into issues and an ability to get complex situations isolated and presented with clarity.”
  2. Amit Jaju
    WWL says: Amit Jaju is a favorite with peers and clients who choose him for all data matters, especially these related to cyber security, for his “exceptional work ethic” and “focus, discipline and dedication.”
  1. Peter Jerome
    WWL says: Peter Jerome is held in high esteem as “the go-to name for technical advice” in the infrastructure, rail, and oil and gas sectors.
  1. Chris Marks
    WWL says: Christopher Marks is a favorite among peers and clients alike who praise him for his ability to handle complex data. One source adds, “He is a ‘yes’ person who will make things happen if he can.”
  1. Greg Meredith
    WWL says: Greg Meredith is “a legend in the field” who garners plaudits for his well-established accounting practice which sees him routinely assist in complex disputes.
  1. Jon Prudhoe
    WWL says: Jon Prudhoe is “a true leader in his field”, with peers noting he “possesses the ability to reduce technical matters into words that tribunals and clients can understand”; The “absolute superstar”; Jon Prudhoe, is a highly regarded expert with a strong reputation amongst peers for his “top-quality work.”

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

  1. Andrew Caldwell
    WWL says: Andrew Caldwell enjoys a strong reputation among peers, who recognize him as “a very experienced and sensible expert.”
  1. Robert Capper
    WWL says: Robert Capper is a distinguished name in the market when it comes to domestic and international asset tracing, fraud, and white-collar crime investigations.
  1. Nicholas Cousino
    WWL says: Nicholas Cousino earns sweeping praise for his “attention to detail, accuracy and fine judgement” on construction delay analysis.
  1. Gary Davies
    WWL says: Gary garners praise for his vast experience and deep expertise in providing expert testimony in complex competition disputes.
  1. David Dearman
    WWL says: David Dearman is a well-regarded quantum of damages expert who is highlighted by market sources for being “highly effective and articulate during cross-examinations”; David Dearman is singled out by peers as “a first-class forensic accountant” who is highly sought after for his experience giving expert testimony in complex cross-border disputes.
  1. David Dellar
    WWL says: The “great” David Dellar “knows his stuff and is easy to work with.” One source highlights, “He produces impressive graphical illustrations for delay analysis.”
  1. Guy Elkington
    WWL says: The “fantastic” Guy Elkington impresses market commentators with his profound expertise in quantum disputes in the infrastructure and power sectors.
  1. Tony Farrow
    WWL says: The “analytical, thorough and easy-going” Tony Farrow “combines his extensive reserve of industry knowledge” with “solid analytical acuity, considerable clarity in communicating the elements of his reasoning and a genuine interest in any key additional facts.”
  1. Matthew Finn
    WWL says: Matthew Finn draws widespread recommendations for providing expert testimony in litigation and arbitration proceedings. One source notes that he “produces great reports.”
  1. Tom Francis
    WWL says: Tom Francis amasses massive applause for his “very thorough, detailed yet concise” approach to complex construction matter on top of his “superb clarity of thought.”
  1. Sena Gbedemah
    WWL says: Sena Gbedemah is commended for his “proactive and practical approach”, with peers and clients highlighting his “excellent written and oral communication skills.”
  1. Tanya Gross
    WWL says: Tanya Gross is a distinguished practitioner with a wealth of experience in disputes and investigations involving structured and unstructured data sets; Tanya Gross is “a well-known expert in the field of eDiscovery and a great person to work with.”
  1. Harald Hertel
    WWL says: Harald Hertel is a well-established data expert who comes highly recommended for his “profound experience in the fields of cybersecurity, digital forensics and incident response.”
  1. Chris Hewkin
    WWL says: Chris Hewkin is a favorite among peers and clients alike for his “attention to detail and deep knowledge of quantum-related matters.”
  1. Ala Iebadeh
    WWL says: Ala is well known for her extensive forensic experience in a variety of industries.
  1. Richard Indge
    WWL says: Richard Indge ranks very highly this year with peers and international commentators describing him as “a great and highly experienced expert”; Richard Indge is a top-tier practitioner who impresses market sources with his deep understanding of accounting and financial irregularities, particularly in the energy, construction, transport, and banking sectors.
  1. Scott Jardine
    WWL says: Scott Jardine possesses “a strong reputation amongst experts” thanks to his vast experience handling complex delay and contractual disputes, both domestically and internationally.
  1. Andrew Kennell
    WWL says: Andrew Kennell is a well-established expert with “decades of experience within the forensic and e-discovery space.”
  1. Colin Marden
    WWL says: Market sources commend Colin Marsden for his top-tier handling of complex delay matters in the oil and gas industry.
  1. Muthmainur Rahman
    WWL says: Muthmainur Rahman has built up an impressive forensic data practice, earning him a strong reputation for his technology consulting skills, particularly in the financial services sector; Muthmainur Rahman is one of the leading names in Dubai when it comes to data analytics work in the EMEA and APAC regions.
  1. Jacqui Record
    WWL says: Jacqui Record is an “excellent” quantum expert who is highlighted as a go-to name by market commentators when it comes to domestic and international construction disputes in the oil and gas, hospitality, and real estate industries.
  1. Stephen Sandles
    WWL says: Stephen Sandles maintains a sterling construction expert practice and has over 13 years of experience advising government organizations, developers, and contractors on quantum issues.
  1. Volker Schmitz
    WWL says: Volker Schmitz is held in high regard for producing “concise as well as convincing expert statements” and is highlighted for being “very easy to work with.”
  1. Nik Sekulic
    WWL says: Nik Sekulic is held in high regard by sources who note “he is able to distil complex issues and material into a number of simple propositions.”
  1. Mamas Stavrou
    WWL says: Mamas Stavrou is identified as the consummate construction expert by peers in the UK market and brings over 25 years of experience with quantum analyses and disputes to his clients’ matters.
  1. Michael C. Stokes
    WWL says: Michael C. Stokes is a market-leading expert who once again ranks at the very top of our research, with peers praising his “excellent skills at analysis loss of profit and loss of opportunity”; Michael Stokes is a prominent name in the construction expert market, with peers confirming that he has “excellent knowledge and expertise in quantum matters.”
  1. Brian Stuart
    WWL says: Market sources view Brian Stuart as an established e-discovery expert who excels in working with structured and unstructured data across a variety of industries and is “great to work with”; Brian Stuart is “a well-known expert in the field of e-discovery” with over 20 years of experience supporting large law firms in litigation proceedings.
  1. Paul Taplin
    WWL says: Paul Taplin is a highly commended quantum expert who is highlighted by sources for being “great under pressure when cross-examined.”
  1. Aamer Waheed
    WWL says: Aamer is well established as having “exceptional skill in managing complex projects.”
  1. Paul Walker
    WWL says: Paul Walker is a seasoned expert who offers his clients unparalleled advice on all matters related to data and e-discovery matters; Paul Walker is a go-to expert who focuses his first-rate practice on complex e-discovery, computer forensics, data privacy and IP matters.
  1. Marc Williams
    WWL says: Marc Williams garners plaudits as a top-tier construction expert who is “great under cross-examination.”

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