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Rob Outram

Senior Director

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London, England EC2N 3AS

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Rob Outram is a Senior Director at Ankura based in London. He is a forensic accountant specializing in the quantification of damages in commercial disputes.


Rob has 10 years of experience as a chartered accountant, primarily in the context of expert witness work in litigation and international arbitration, including in the LCIA, ICC, ICSID, SIAC, HKIAC, UNCITRAL, UK High Court, Upper Tax Tribunal, Grand Court of Cayman, and Singapore High Court.

Rob’s engagements most commonly include the valuation of businesses and shares and/or the quantification of economic damages. He is experienced in the preparation of expert reports that deliver clear, persuasive, and reasoned opinions in some of the world’s largest and most complex commercial arbitrations and litigations.

In recent years, Rob has been involved in several multi-billion-dollar investor-state claims. He has significant experience in financial services disputes, including both valuation engagements and accounting and financial issues arising from disputes under the FSMA. He also has experience in the valuation of intellectual property and corporates in advisory and compliance contexts, as well as expert evidence relating to accounting and auditing issues.

Rob advises legal teams as a “shadow expert” in contemplation of legal action and at the liability stage of disputes, right through to hearings and successful award or settlement.

Rob’s professional experience includes:

Quantification of Damages and Valuation

  • Prepared multiple expert reports and a presentation to the tribunal in connection with an investor-state ICSID arbitration on the damages arising from breach of contract between a real estate developer and African government.
  • Prepared multiple expert reports on the value of a supplier in the nuclear energy industry in relation to an expert determination pursuant to an SPA.
  • Prepared multiple expert reports, joint statements, and a presentation to the tribunal in relation to a U.S. defence contract dispute in an ICC arbitration.
  • Prepared multiple expert reports and models for quantifying loss of investment and loss of profit of an investment fund from investing in the Madoff Ponzi scheme.
  • Prepared quantum advice and an expert report in relation to a bilateral investment treaty arbitration relating to the alleged mistreatments and expropriation of a mobile telecommunications operator in South Asia.

Accounting and Finance

  • Prepared an expert report on accounting issues in relation to bespoke conditions precedent in an SPA and assessed the financial impact on the target of various disclosure allegations made by the respondents.
  • Prepared an expert report and joint statements in connection with an Australian litigation concerning the alleged negligence of group and component auditors in relation to an international legal services business.
  • Prepared multiple expert reports for a large UK High Court securities litigation under the FSMA. This involved opining on a large UK bank’s financial position, and its management thereof, immediately prior to the start of the financial crisis.
  • BSc, Hons., Mathematics, University of Warwick
  • Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

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