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Ankura Launches “Ankura InterXeptor”, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Cybersecurity Solution Custom Built for Middle-Market Companies

November 17, 2022

Expert-led and technology-agnostic MDR service delivers tailored and flexible threat detection, investigation, and response for growing companies with unique and evolving cyber risk profiles

Ankura Consulting, LLC (“Ankura”), a leading global expert services and advisory firm, announced today the launch of Ankura InterXeptor, the next evolution of its proven 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) solution. InterXeptor is an expert-led, technology-agnostic service designed to provide growing middle-market organizations with continuous threat detection and real-time response to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

Ankura’s InterXeptor platform builds on the firm’s longstanding expertise in providing Managed Detection and Response services and solutions as well as its threat intelligence and incident response capabilities. The platform’s global 24/7/365 service delivery model is designed to provide comprehensive cyber threat protection for growing middle market organizations with a tailored approach and a customized solution that addresses each company’s unique cybersecurity risk profile and security pressure points.

“Today, the middle-market cyber threat landscape is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Supply chain attacks, ransomware demands, and debilitating strikes by nation-state actors are all on the rise,” said Robert Olsen, Senior Managing Director and Ankura’s Global Head of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy. “With Ankura InterXeptor, we are taking our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services to the next level to provide our middle-market clients with unparalleled access to the experts, technology, and intel required to build a comprehensive and adaptable solution that helps them anticipate and thwart these threats in real-time – every hour, every minute, every second.”

Through Ankura InterXeptor, a global team of skilled and seasoned security analysts will monitor and hunt for threats using best-in-class technology and a combination of machine and human intelligence, including machine learning. The team can rapidly validate activities, verify threats, and respond swiftly to cyber-attacks.

With more than a decade of experience delivering cyber threat detection services, the Ankura team has:

  • Conducted more than 4,000 cyber incident response investigations
  • Identified and neutralized more than 10,000+ active threats
  • Monitored over 1 million endpoints
  • Delivered more than 70,000+ hours of uninterrupted threat monitoring

“When it comes to an organization’s cybersecurity defense, prevention is ideal, but detection is a must,” said Jason Straight, Senior Managing Director and Ankura’s InterXeptor team lead. “Ankura InterXeptor immediately deploys a team of long-serving security practitioners with industry-leading technology to serve as their eyes, ears, and hands to protect growing organizations in their ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.”

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About Ankura’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice

Detect. Respond. Improve. Ankura’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice brings together a global team of more than 175+ experienced professionals in cybersecurity and data privacy to provide a full-service suite of intelligent information security solutions ranging from data analytics and incident response to managed services and cyber risk advisory to Protect, Create and Recover Value for our clients. As your MDR partner, our InterXeptor solution is backed by the human expertise of cybersecurity experts with decades of experience, a full security stack, and a technology-agnostic approach that comprehensively addresses coverage gaps, enhances fidelity, and confidently delivers peace of mind to our clients with security instrumentation and 24/7 network monitoring coverage. For more information, please visit



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