Muthmainur Rahman
Senior Managing Director

Muthmainur Rahman is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura and leads the Data & Technology practice across the Middle East.

  • Experience

    He has 14 years of experience in technology consulting, starting as a graduate and over the course of 11 years building the leading forensic data analytics practice with a team of 65 in London. Prior to joining Ankura, Muthmainur was the head of technology at a global consulting firm where he established the leading full service Forensic Technology practice.

    Muthmainur’s primary skillset is in developing bespoke technology solutions, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a more customized offering. This has enabled Muthmainur to support banks and large corporations responding to complex and intrinsic queries from regulators demanding speed and accuracy.

    Muthmainur has supported many global clients and their legal counsel by leveraging advanced technology to identify transactions buried deep within a large data-set which may be violating sanctions or anti-money laundering legislations. This powerful advanced bespoke and robust solution equips forensic investigators and legal counsel to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation enabling them to build a more accurate picture in response to internal investigations or requests from regulators. The work often entails working with senior stakeholders to identify relevant data across a client’s global IT infrastructure along with forensically extracting and rebuilding their entire financial system (current and legacy) prior to commencing analysis to find illicit transactions.

    Muthmainur is supported by a strong core team team based in Dubai of highly skilled data scientists, eDiscovery, digital forensic, and cyber specialists. The team supports clients by forensically extracting and enriching data from emails, loose documents, instant message chats, phone records and financial transactional data to build a comprehensive data model. Alongside the local team, Muthmainur is supported by a broader global team readily available to support clients, as rapid response in major cities and remote locations is essential to making sure the data is quickly secured forensically along with providing secure mobile data storage and processing facility where privacy of data requires it to stay on-premise or within the country.

    Examples of his professional experience include:

    • Investigation into a cyber phishing attack on a European automotive supplier’s Middle East entity with an issue in one of its distributors resulting in multi-million dollars being sent to rogue bank accounts in the United Kingdom.
    • Global sanctions and anti-money laundering review across financial institutions in the Middle East and Tier 1 global banks. Working closely with key stakeholders including head of compliance, in-house legal counsel, and external counsel (Magic Circle and U.S. Law Firms) in responding to requests on anti-money laundering and sanctions violations from U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Reserve, Department of Financial Services and other European regulatory bodies.
    • Assisted an international bank by performing an end-to-end appraisal of their sanctions monitoring and reporting process following an identified breach of someone on Her Majesty’s Treasury’s sanction list. The work included a deep technical analysis of the matching process along with recommending appropriate algorithms to improve the efficiency and accuracy as part of a short-term remedial solution prior to deployment of an effective monitoring solution.
    • Performed a global anti-bribery review across an automotive company, leading a team of 30 forensic data scientists across New York, London, Paris, and Mumbai to analyze 50 legal entities globally and their individual financial systems.
    • Investigation of a global financial derivatives broker to understand the build-up of filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the cause of “material shortfall” in segregated customer funds of USD $1.6 billion. The project was based out of offices in New York and Chicago. Work involved understanding the main broker dealer back-end system and cash analysis.
    • Helped a global banking group headquartered in Tokyo to conduct an independent review of compliance failures during a LIBOR market enquiry. This involved technical system architecture review and interviews with head of investment banking, compliance, and internal audit.
    • Performed price trend analysis for a leading tobacco manufacturer to identify patterns of price adjustments and the impact it had on the consumer market. This was in response to an OFT allegation that two global tobacco manufacturers had allegedly participated in anticompetitive agreements with several retailers to set maximum prices of their products relative to prices charged for their competitor’s products.
    • Helped a global banking group headquartered in Paris fulfil a U.K. Financial Conduct Authority request in analyzing compliance with the Anti-Bribery Act.
    • Involved in identifying further suspicious open/cancelled trades following global media coverage of a rogue trader incident for a Swiss bank resulting in losses of billions. This involved understanding multiple trading systems and working with senior IT systems administrators in creating a script to be executed across their global business.
    • Performed a working capital review for a private equity house to identify improvement opportunities within a recently acquired organization – a global chemical company. Performed analysis within the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory. Opportunities identified were $100million within the first year and $300million dollars in five years.