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Asset Tracing & Complex Investigations

Unraveling the most complex schemes around the world

Whether assessing the viability of a case or acquisition, accumulating facts through the course of a trial, or pursuing debtors following an award, actionable intelligence informs strategy and leads to better decision-making. For many organizations, collecting this intelligence can prove to be a bewildering exercise due to challenging offshore jurisdictions, restricted access to information, language barriers, and complex legal frameworks.

Ankura provides industry-leading intelligence. Clients regularly engage us to provide investigative support with legal disputes, asset recovery, and enforcement strategies in respect of sovereign states, commercial entities, and private individuals. Our analysts utilize leading investigative tools, allowing us to turn complex and varying data into clear, admissible, and actionable intelligence. We specialize in obtaining information from opaque or otherwise challenging jurisdictions through local knowledge and language capabilities as well as our network of on-the-ground sources, enabling our clients to gain insight well beyond the public record.


Asset Tracing and Recovery

Whether linked to sovereign states, commercial entities, or individuals, we are well-versed in pursuing some of the most recalcitrant and challenging debtors and counterparties. We also assist and advise on enforcement plans and mechanisms, regardless of asset class or jurisdiction. We can also fully-fund asset recovery exercises on a non-recourse basis.

Complex Due Diligence

We have extensive experience conducting enhanced due diligence investigations into corporate entities and individuals worldwide. Our research covers any and all jurisdictions which may become relevant to an assignment. Our reporting relies on a comprehensive review of all publicly available information regarding the subject, as well as, where required, enquiries with well-placed human sources close to or with direct knowledge of the subject.

Strategic Intelligence

We monitor and analyse political, economic, and commercial developments to support parties engaged in commercial and legal disputes. Our team is made up of jurisdictional and subject matter experts, and our ability to provide strategic intelligence in not constrained by jurisdiction.

Litigation Support

Our team is well-versed in Identification, acquisition, and analysis of evidentiary material in support of litigation proceedings. We understand the threshold for admissibility and the need to provide documentary material in support of our findings.

Cryptocurrency Tracing

Cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly central part of any asset tracing or broader complex investigation. Whether to dissipate assets in order to evade enforcement of a judgement, to funnel unlawfully acquired funds, or as legitimate investment holdings, our team has extensive experience tracing cryptocurrency and other crypto assets as a precursor to enforcement. Where detailed technical analysis is required, we can also call upon our colleagues in Ankura’s Data and Technology team, who have access to enhanced blockchain analytics software.

Fraud Investigations

Our investigative techniques can just as easily be applied to a fraud investigation as to an asset tracing or complex due diligence matter. Our team has experience mapping out suspected fraud networks, gathering open source and human intelligence-driven evidence in support of internal and external fraud investigations.

High-Profile Political Figure

Asset Tracing Investigation

Ankura traced the global assets and current whereabouts of a former political figure from Central Africa. Acting to support an outstanding GBP 300M judgment, our team assisted in the recovery strategy and timeline of asset structure and dissipation.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura’s asset tracing work is entirely international in scope. We are a leading firm in executing cross-border investigations that require a multinational response, coordination, and resolution. Our multidisciplinary team includes investigative analysts and forensic accountants with backgrounds spanning law, insurance, and government. We have the scale and experience to act swiftly and reliably.

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