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Board Benchmarking & Enhancement

Providing meaningful feedback to leading boards and directors

Investors, governments, local communities, customers, and the public are demanding that boards improve their governance protocols to introduce greater transparency and accountability within the firms they govern. One of the key tools to achieve this important work is conducting thorough assessments of boards and directors to identify gaps, strengthen collaboration, and make necessary changes to structures and processes. When executed effectively, board benchmarks provide an opportunity for directors to agree on clear objectives, incorporate best practices, and clear a path for better governance.

Leveraging our proprietary governance standards, database, and extensive tools repository, we perform carefully constructed evaluations that reflect the specific needs and dynamics of our clients. Our benchmarks have helped leading boards and management teams around the world to unlock performance and manage risk.


Board Assessments
Individual Director Evaluations
Governance Diagnostics
Board and Director Training

Mining Joint Venture

Delivering the Structure for Good Governance and Social Impact

A multi-partner mining venture needed to understand whether its board and governance committees were appropriate structured to deal with the growing emphasis on ESG issues. Through interviews and reviews of foundational legal documents, board minutes and board practices, Ankura assessed the board on its health and effectiveness, as well as how the board, its committees, and the management team all interacted. Through our assessment, Ankura identified where the board was succeeding, and where the board could improve performance to match the company’s announced commitments to good governance and social impact.

The Ankura Difference

We have executed hundreds of benchmarks and evaluations for our clients in virtually every industry and geography. We bring a unique blend of financial, operational, and legal expertise to every engagement that gives us a deep understanding of the most significant strategic challenges that our clients face. Our work has been leveraged to drive strategic alignment and operationalize governance in the most unconventional of corporate structures.

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