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Cyber Incident Response, Intelligence & Investigations

Respond, mitigate, and recover from cyber breaches quickly

The heightened volume, velocity, and sophistication of cyber-attacks are constant threats to an organization’s information security. Those that aren’t prepared can suffer significant losses, theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, or the theft of critical personal data. The attack landscape is more frightening by the day as cybercriminals become more organized and sophisticated. It is no longer a matter of whether organizations will face a cyber-attack, but when.

Ankura solves the most mission-critical and complex cybersecurity challenges by helping our clients respond, mitigate, and recover more quickly in the event of a cyber-attack, insider threat, or data breach.


Cyber Investigations & Incident Response

When responding to cyber-attacks, Ankura experts follow legally defensible best practices to analyze the attack vector, identify exfiltration and impact, contain vulnerable systems, and ultimately eradicate the threat.

Security Analytics & Data Mining

We help counsel, clients, and insurance carriers identify individuals who must be notified of a cyber incident. Ankura’s cyber data analytics team offers a robust and customized approach for processing large quantities of data to quickly develop a consolidated list of potentially impacted individuals, including a summary of targeted sensitive information in a cyber incident. We work in coordination with counsel, clients, and insurance carriers to gather and share information.

Cyber Threat Analytics and Pursuit (CTAPT)

Ankura’s CTAPT team conducts cyber threat intelligence (CTI) activities with a professional team of analysts who have three primary goals:

  1. Leverage CTI that Ankura responders collect day in and day out.
  2. Identify risk for clients and operationalize intelligence to aid containment efforts.
  3. Provide persistent and continuous open and dark web monitoring services and reporting with human and automated collections.
Expert Testimony

We help legal counsel uncover critical evidence in high-stakes cybersecurity and computer forensics matters and communicate that evidence in a clear, concise, and effective manner. Ankura’s practitioners provide expert witness testimony on digital investigative analysis, internet technologies, cybersecurity, and computer forensics.

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Securing Intellectual Property and Modernizing Cyber Infrastructure

After an organization received several extortion emails from an unknown bad actor threatening to release intellectual property, Ankura's team of cybersecurity practitioners worked with law enforcement to secure the data and support the organization in modernizing its cyber infrastructure.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura operates on the frontline of the cyber threat environment every day. We respond to over 500 data breaches annually and are actively monitoring threats in more than 45 countries, as well as 18 global ransomware or extortion groups. We’ve handled some of the most sensitive cyber incidents and have supported our client through all facets of incident response, cyber threat intelligence, and complex investigations.

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