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Geopolitical Advisory

Arming you with the competitive advantage to succeed globally

In today’s complex, fluid, and interconnected business environment, decision-makers often struggle to effectively sift through the volumes of data to find insights that help them make better business decisions about global business risks and opportunities. Organizations that do so are able to anticipate and react to today’s fast-paced and constantly changing geopolitical landscape to build competitive advantage and unlock international opportunities.

We help clients consider international political, social, and regulatory issues to thoroughly assess potential risks and identify unforeseen opportunities for their business. Our professionals are trusted advisors who help clients navigate complex and uncertain global environments to better understand and manage their exposure to security and political risk across the world and make optimal business decisions.


Current Events Analysis

We analyze breaking political events to deliver unique insights that enable our clients to avoid risk or find prospects ahead of their competitors.

Forecasting & Scenario Development

We develop well-crafted forecasts of future risks and opportunities, including the innovative generation and modernization of constructive tools for making decisions about the future.

Country Risk Deep Dives

We provide forward-looking comprehensive analysis of country-specific business, political, and security risks. Whether it be an acquisition or partnership, we help you understand the geopolitical risks on the horizon.

Geopolitical Monitoring Services

We routinely assess political developments in frontier, emerging, and established markets, identify risks before they become problems, and recognize opportunities before they unfold.

Global Chemicals Company

Assessing Risk in 30+ Countries for a Global Acquisition

A company acquiring an international competitor with unknown future glob­al liabilities approached Ankura’s geopolitical team for help in determining future product liability in over 30 countries. Ankura applied a unique geo­political framework to each of the applicable countries to determine where the greatest amount of risk existed and the maximum amount of risk the acquiring company might face in the future. Our analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions about the acquisition and allowed them to avoid a potentially substantial risk exposure liability.

The Ankura Difference

Leveraging decades of geopolitical experience, with a worldwide network of well-placed experts, Ankura professionals effortlessly parse through complexity to put world events into context and offer firms perspective to identify global opportunities and avoid business risks. We provide clients the assurance that we have considered multiple angles of risk exposure and have war-gamed the broad spectrum of potential risks and liabilities. Our backgrounds in the intelligence community afford us access to an intimate and rich network of specialized information-gathering services run by former peers and colleagues.

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