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Leader & Team Performance

Optimizing leadership performance

All team members bring different points of view, and priorities based on their roles and functions in the organization. Misalignments are normal and persistent but should not be problematic. Highly competent, well-intended teammates who are expected to collaborate to achieve greater goals together can only do so by purposely designing how all parties can channel those differences to function as true assets and coordinate across these differences as a source of competitive advantage. However, alignment is not a spontaneous, automatic state within teams or partnerships. It is only achieved by continuously resolving misalignments as they occur. This requires shared intention and attention within a team supported by intelligent frameworks that support performance.

Ankura supports clients through performance challenges within teams and partnerships. What distinguishes our approach is that it is practical and allows the team to learn on the field – not in a conference room.


Executive Performance Advisory & Coaching

We help clients individualize work with high-performing executives stepping into new roles or confronting spikes in situational change or complexity.

Leadership Team Assessment

Meet one-on-one with leadership team members to understand what’s working, what’s not, and define aspirations and measures for higher team performance.

Leadership Team Alignment

We work with teams individually and collectively in team-development sessions to establish team habits that enable higher performance to support changes in strategy, investment thesis, or value creation planning.

Leadership Team Coaching

Collaborate with the team to define a plan to sustain higher performance and make it part of the leadership and organizational culture. This is reinforced by one-on-one coaching that focuses on key areas for growth and how to interpret and respond to current challenges and opportunities.

National Healthcare Technology Organization

Executing Strategy & Driving Business Results

Ankura was engaged to help an Executive Leadership Team execute a new strategy and drive business results. The leader team needed to operate as a cohesive team to achieve their ambitious growth plan. The desire to operate at scale and achieve higher performance required a pivot from siloed experts to high-performing enterprise leaders. Ankura’s work was designed to enrich and expand capabilities of the team and accelerate performance. This was accomplished by conducted a quantitative and qualitative team assessment that was developed into an actionable development roadmap. Over six months, Ankura facilitated team sessions with the entire leadership team and coached team members individually.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura works with our clients in a rapid-start approach that allows the team to learn by doing with minimal disruption to daily urgencies and emergencies. Our approach is highly practical and employs intelligent reframes to help teams encounter differences as normal, necessary opportunities to tap into collective intelligence to collaboratively find the best solutions to complex problems.

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We solve problems by operating as one firm to deliver for our clients. Where others advise, we solve. Where others consult, we partner.

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