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Software License Compliance & Optimization

Bringing a holistic approach to software licensing

Most companies today have a high dependency on technology, digital platforms, and cross-enterprise systems. Migration to cloud infrastructure has further increased technological complexities in terms of operations, costs, licensing, and risk management. As a result, organizations that optimize their software license use can save costs while preventing compliance risks. 

Ankura works with businesses to help them optimize their use of software licenses, resulting in a significant reduction in costs. We also help our clients manage complex compliance processes across their software landscape, deal with publisher-driven audits, and resolve licensing disputes.


Software License Compliance

We conduct a comprehensive enterprise-wide assessment of software deployment vs. entitlements and assist in reducing the risk of non-compliance. We also help clients identify and categorize all their deployed software into various categories like freeware, licensed software, potentially malicious software and other high-risk software.

Cost Optimization

We perform a detailed assessment of the client’s environment to identify actual requirements vs. deployment and detect license wastage. We study the usage and requirement of licenses and their associated cost and prepare year-on-year projections to find suitable licensing options. We then simulate various licensing options and software configurations and evaluate each option to find an optimum solution that suits the client’s business requirements.

Audit Defense

In cases where clients face software audit notices from publishers or third-party auditors, we assist them in responding to such audit notifications and help in avoiding or preparing them for such audits. For cases, where an audit is already conducted, we review and validate the audit reports and findings, assess the existing contracts and licensing policies and assist clients in closing gaps if any.

Ankura SAM Manager – Our Software Asset Management (SAM) Tool

Ankura SAM Manager helps in the discovery of assets, identifying and categorizing software into various risk buckets, maintaining purchase records, tracking software installation, customized reporting including the Effective Licensing Position (ELP) and dashboard to provide visual representations for management overview.

SAM as a Service

We enable a continuous monitoring process overseeing the software lifecycle to control, manage and optimize the use of software across an organization. This process helps organizations control cost as well as manage business and legal risks, optimize software licensing investments and align IT investments with business needs.

  • Process Review: Review existing policies and processes if any and provide recommendations on improvement. Or assist in preparing an end-to-end SAM process in the absence of an existing process.
  • Capability Development: Assist in hiring, selecting and mentoring the candidates towards their roles and responsibilities relating to SAM workflow. We also provide guidance to the client’s SAM team on licensing policies, tool administration and reporting.
  • Customization & Configuration: Review clients’ existing SAM tools and help with customizations to adhere to their needs. Evaluate various SAM tools available in the market in the absence of one at client premises and help in implementation, configuration and administration of the tool.
  • Compliance Assessments: Perform end-to-end compliance assessment that includes discovery, analysis, optimization and reporting.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura’s team of highly skilled practitioners and technologists provide clients with deep experience in software asset management. We partner with our clients throughout the entire software asset management lifecycle to help them obtain the maximum value from their software portfolio.

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