Advisory Services

With projects and their contractual structures growing in complexity, schedules are under pressure and risks are increasing. The need to deliver value for money within increasingly tighter budgetary constraints offers additional challenge. Our clients pursue the region’s most complex construction projects and seek to confirm that their vision, time schedules, and financial projections are robust.

They have come to expect practical, actionable strategies from our professionals based on experience and factually-based analyses. We advise public and private sector clients across the infrastructure project lifecycle developing, delivering, and managing projects from initial feasibility through to post-completion performance reviews.

We offer independent and objective advice on governance and commercial structuring; evaluating funding and financing options; procurement tactics; partnering and delivery options, as well as analysis of risks, costs, and schedule progress at key milestones. Our work is delivered through comprehensive briefings to owners, financiers, developers, government agencies, project leadership teams, and their counsel.

Solutions include:

  • Feasibility studies, business case modelling and financial advice
  • Technical and commercial due diligence
  • Governance, procurement, and delivery strategy
  • Development, project management, and project monitoring
  • Independent project reviews