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Litigation Support and Expert Services

The professionals of Ankura have been involved with the most complex financial and economic issues whose ultimate outcome can determine a company’s future. AMLaw 100 firms, boutique law firms, Fortune 1000 corporations, and middle-market companies know the value of our people and turn to us when the stakes are high. Our qualified experts collaborate with clients to develop appropriate litigation strategies over a broad spectrum of disputes. Our accountants, economists, finance professionals, mathematicians, software programmers, and technologists provide attorneys and businesses with comprehensive strategies and solutions for handling the multifaceted challenges inherent in class-action, commercial, intellectual property, and mass-tort litigation. Our expert opinions are rooted in deep knowledge of relevant subject matter and rules as well as a keen understanding of the nuances that shape effective testimony.

Our solutions include:

  • Economic, financial, accounting, and technical analyses and advice related to Ponzi schemes, investment disputes, tax fraud, insider trading, and market operations across all asset classes, including cryptocurrencies
  • Statistical, economic, and financial modeling and forecasting
  • Forensic services in support of litigation and internal investigations, such as forensic evidence collection and analysis, forensic accounting, and reconstruction of books and records
  • Damage assessments and testimony
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James Smith
Senior Managing Director
Jeff Nielsen
Jeff Nielsen
Senior Managing Director