Compliance & Ethics

Organization Codes and Standards of Conduct, Policies, and Procedures

The foundations of any compliance and ethics program are the written principles, codes of conduct, and supporting policies and processes that an enterprise’s personnel are expected to follow. To be effective, these standards of conduct need to be written and expressed in a manner that will allow for the most comprehensive and effective understanding of their requirements at all levels within an organization, as well as facilitate implementation within enterprise processes without sacrificing operational efficiency and productivity.

Ankura’s team of compliance and ethics professionals have hands-on experience creating and writing impactful codes and standards of conduct and supporting policies and procedures that are practical, understandable, and effective without placing undue or unnecessary burdens on an entity’s operations. In particular, Ankura’s experts are skilled at the:

  • Review, design, creation, implementation, and improvement of client compliance and ethics codes/standards of conduct
  • Review, design, creation, implementation, and improvement of client, industry-specific, and issue-specific compliance policies and procedures