Risk Advisory Solutions for Financial Services

Risk Management Framework

With banks facing an increasing barrage of new and heightened risk, a risk appetite framework is a central requirement for effective risk governance, as it codifies the strategic risk approach and methodology for a financial institution.

Regulators, investors, and rating agencies look to an institution’s written risk appetite statement to outline the main risk tolerance for achieving overall bank goals. However, it is not enough to just elaborate a risk appetite framework; risk governance can only be fully embraced if the framework is consistently embedded in the banks’ organization, actions, practices, and strategy.

Banks continue to unearth new avenues for growth, through new and innovative retail products, seeking new investments or acquisitions, or by implementing new sales and marketing campaigns.

Ankura understands the balance between growth and risk. Our team of experts have been on the front lines with financial institutions and regulators in creating comprehensive risk frameworks that satisfy the need for alignment and transparency and allows firms to achieve their growth potential.

Risk products:

  • Portfolio and financial reviews
  • Risk framework design
  • Risk appetite statements
  • Risk mitigation/reduction strategy
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Risk and strategy alignment