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Tax Controversy

We are a team of forensic accountants, valuation experts, former tax practitioners, economists, and data specialists that have a passion for helping taxpayers and outside counsel resolve complex tax disputes.

Our solutions include:

  • Expert witness services
    • Tax court litigation
    • District court refund litigation
    • Tax preparer litigation
    • Appeals proceedings
    • Criminal tax investigations
    • Whistleblower tax investigations
  • IRS exam advisory services
  • Taxpayer advisory and compliance services

Our team has worked together for over 20 years and has been involved in some of the largest U.S. Tax Court trials, including[1]:

  • The Coca-Cola Company v. Commissioner
  • Medtronic v. Commissioner
  • v. Commissioner
  • Veritas v. Commissioner
  • Compaq v. Commissioner
  • Seagate v. Commissioner
  • Perkin-Elmer v. Commissioner

[1] While Ankura experts actively support numerous large tax disputes, the above-referenced matters may have taken place prior to our professionals having joined Ankura.

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