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The Sixth Annual Workshop on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry

About the Event

The exponential growth of data has created significant business challenges in the legal industry. As complex data must be processed and analyzed to derive better insights, judgments, and effective strategies in legal cases, AI technologies and breakthroughs in machine learning are helping to overcome these challenges and reshape the legal industry. With both the challenges and opportunities brought by the applications of AI on legal big data, we identify there is a gap between the legal industry and academics working with AI applications in big data. Continuing the success of our workshop in previous years, the 6th Annual Virtual Workshop on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry, aims to bridge that gap, further AI and big data analytics research applied to legal data, and provide an open and thoughtful dialogue about how these analytics could be leveraged to assist legal practitioners. The workshop is a part of the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Join our 6th Annual Virtual Workshop on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry, designed for attorneys and legal technologists, on Monday, December 19 at 9:30 am EST. Please feel free to attend all sessions of the workshop, or pick and choose when to join in.
  • Research topics included in the workshop:
    • Applications of AI to electronic discovery
    • Applications of AI to contract automation and management
    • Applications of AI to litigation support and outcome prediction
    • Natural language processing and understanding in the legal industry
    • Intelligent legal information retrieval
    • Legal text summarization, extraction, and classification
    • Knowledge graphs and automatic reasoning in the legal domain
    • Speech and image recognition applications in the legal industry
    • Machine translation of legal text
    • Intelligent advisory and automatic question-answering in the legal industry
    • Explainable AI for the legal and compliance industries
    • Deep learning applications in the legal industry
    • Privacy issues related to AI applications
Workshop Agenda During the workshop, we’ll examine research papers at the forefront of legal technology innovation from all over the world that are published for the IEEE International Big Data Conference. Workshop to include: Opening Remarks 9:30-9:40 am  Ava Guo - Assistant Vice President - Senior Legal Counsel @ AT&T Exploring Predictive Modeling Methodologies for Multilingual Data Sets 9:40-10:00 am  Cleary Gottlieb, Chris T. Clark, Qiang Mao, Fusheng Wei Extracting Crime Prosecution Elements based on Neural Machine Reading Comprehension Model 10:00 - 10:20 am (Paper ID: S14204) Jui-Ching Tsou, Kai-Yu Hsieh, Chen-Hua Huang, Yu-An Shih, Han-Cheng Yu, Yao-Chung Fan An Empirical Comparison of DistilBERT, Longformer and Logistic Regression for Predictive Coding 10:20-10:40 am (Paper ID: S14205) Fusheng Wei, Jingchao Yang, Qiang Mao, Han Qin, Adam Dabrowski Invited Speaker 10:40-11:10 am  Christian J. Mahoney, Counsel @ Cleary Gottlieb  Coffee Break 11:10-11:40 am   Data Protections for Minors with Named Entity Recognition 11:40-12:00 pm (Paper ID: S14206) Jason Gillette, Sayed Khushal Shah, Zeenat Tariq, Shabbab Algamdi Invited Speaker 12:00-12:30 pm       Ethan Williams, Global Pricing Strategy @ McKinsey An Application of Object Detection in Contract Analysis 12:30-12:50 pm (Paper ID: S14201) Josh Levy, Fusheng Wei, Jingchao Yang, Adam Dabrowski A Business Workflow for Providing Open-Domain Question Answering Reader Systems on The Wikipedia Dataset 12:50-1:10 pm (Paper ID: S14203)   Dilan Bakır and Mehmet S. Aktas Organization Committee: Program Committee:
  • Arthur Carvalho – Assistant Professor, Miami University
  • Ali Hadjarian – Principal, PwC
  • Jiepu Jiang – Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
  • David Lewis – Chief Data Officer, Redgrave Data
  • Hongfei Lin – Professor, Dalian University of Technology
  • Huan Liu – Professor, Arizona State University
  • Yue Pan – Senior Partner, Dezhi LLP
  • Jeremy Pickens – Chief Data Scientist, Conga
For information about the 2022 IEEE Big Data Conference being held in Osaka, Japan, please click here.

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