Economics & Statistics

Innovative Solutions across Legal, Economic, Accounting, and Regulatory Issues

Ankura’s expert economists assist clients in developing innovative solutions across a wide array of legal, economic, accounting, and regulatory issues. Our economic consultants include Ph.D.s in economics and related disciplines, and many have held academic and senior government positions. The economics consulting team consists of seasoned testifiers who clearly and persuasively explain complex ideas and analyses to regulators and triers of fact.

  • Economic Damages

    Our economists have extensive experience developing and applying financial and economic models to analyze and quantify complex damages claims. Damages analysis in complex litigation often requires establishing causation between the disputed actions and the alleged damages as well as estimating the prices that would have prevailed, the volumes that would have been sold, the profits that would have been earned, the business value that would have been achieved, or other outcomes that would have occurred absent the alleged violations. We are routinely called upon to address each of these issues and to develop damages estimates using economic models that are consistent with the workings of the relevant businesses and markets under investigation.

  • Statistical Analysis, Econometrics and Data Analytics

    Grounded in a thorough understanding of market facts and industry history, our economists employ economic theory and quantitative methods to provide a full range of economic advice and expert testimony regarding issues that arise in litigation, arbitration, and regulatory disputes. We have extensive experience collecting and interpreting economic data and performing econometric analysis and other quantitative modeling. We identify and critically evaluate potential distortions in the data that might otherwise result in inaccurate damages assessments or inappropriate market conclusions. We frequently handle, prepare, and analyze very large data sets and are able to build data sets from primary sources.

  • Labor and Employment

    With expertise in labor economics and practical experience with very large and complex employee databases, our economists conduct analyses and provide expert testimony in wage and hour, employment discrimination, FLSA classification, and various other national and local labor matters. We serve as expert testifiers in employment matters involving a broad spectrum of industries and markets, including healthcare and life sciences, energy, manufacturing, insurance, transportation, and utilities.

  • Antitrust Liability and Damages

    Our economists have extensive experience in antitrust matters including claims associated with anticompetitive horizontal agreements (price fixing, bid rigging, potential anticompetitive effects of joint ventures), unilateral conduct (predatory pricing, refusals to deal, monopolization via patent fraud) and vertical restraints (exclusive dealing, requirements contracting, price squeezing, tying, loyalty rebates, anti-steering provisions, and bundling). They have presented their analyses in regulatory and court settings in the US and many other jurisdictions around the world.

  • Merger and Acquisition Litigation Advisory

    We assist companies across a wide range of industries in analyzing the anticipated effects on competition of proposed mergers and acquisitions and supporting our conclusions before relevant agencies and courts. The methodologies we apply include detailed economic and econometric analyses, diversion analysis, pricing pressure measures, merger simulation, event studies, and others that are useful for determining the likely effects of a merger and as a framework for evaluating risk mitigation strategies.

  • Regulatory Disputes

    We have deep expertise in the economics of regulation and regulated industries, including telecommunications, energy, pipelines, and healthcare. Our economists routinely advise and testify in regulatory disputes that require assessment of the degree of competition in the market; the extent to which deregulation would enhance efficiency and social welfare; the effects of alternative regulatory mechanisms; and the determination of regulated prices. Our experts have assisted clients and testified in state regulatory proceedings; in federal regulatory proceedings; and in the international regulatory agencies of the EU, UK, and other countries.

  • Class Action/Class Certification

    We assist clients in class action matters including those alleging consumer fraud, employment discrimination, product liability, misleading advertising, and antitrust and securities violations. We have extensive experience applying economic theory and empirical techniques in the class certification and damages phases of class action litigation, as well as in the liability phase of antitrust class action litigation. Our experts provide results that are economically sound and articulated persuasively and clearly.

  • Finance and Securities Litigation

    Ankura’s team has decades of experience in academia and consulting and holds distinguished chair professorships in finance at major universities. Our financial economists and affiliates are recognized for their original and rigorous approach to a wide variety of issues, including insider trading, commercial damages and breach of contract, transfer pricing, and valuation of illiquid and complex assets. Our professionals have provided financial and economic analysis in over 100 securities class-action cases, including many of the most high-profile securities class actions in the US, Canada, and Australia.

    Our solutions include:

    Capital Markets Litigation
    • Securities fraud class actions
    • Market manipulation
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Suitability of investment
    • Mutual fund and hedge fund trading
    Regulatory Investigations
    • Insider trading
    • Assessing ability to pay penalties
    Commercial Damages
    • Class action
    • Breach of contract
    • Bankruptcy
    Valuation of Liquid and Complex Assets
    • Derivatives
    • Structured finance products
    • Intellectual property
  • Intellectual Property Litigation

    We conduct economic analyses of patent infringement, trade secrets, non-compete provisions, copyright violation, trademark dilution, and intellectual property (IP) valuation. We construct and evaluate economic damages models, including models of lost profits, reasonable royalties, unjust enrichment, and diminution in value. In addition, we analyze the antitrust implications of various types of IP licensing arrangements, including those that are the subject of antitrust counterclaims or that arise from IP litigation settlements.