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Ankura Consulting Group is an independent global consulting firm that helps clients in mission-critical situations with change processes, risk management, performance improvement, and holistic solutions. Our global team consists of subject matter experts and experienced consultants with deep industry knowledge. This unique blend of specialist expertise, a wealth of experience across disciplines and industries, and our proven track record enables us to deliver tailored, effective solutions and unparalleled service that Protect, Create, and Recover Value for our clients.

Our construction dispute resolution team provides professional advice and independent expert opinion on matters of delay, disruption, and quantum. Our wealth of regional experience ranges from dispute avoidance and risk mitigation on local projects to providing expert opinion on large complex international matters. We develop practical solutions and present conclusions in a clear, concise, and objective manner – and can provide expert evidence in arbitration or litigation in English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Melayu.

Our financial and economic dispute resolution professionals provide expert advice and independent professional opinion on a variety of issues including loss and damage, accounting, and valuation. Whatever the nature of the dispute, our arbitration experts work seamlessly across our global network to provide local counsel with the right advice at the right moment – no matter where our clients may be.

We have market-leading experts with in-depth experience of working with commercial litigators, commercial arbitrators, and their clients to establish the facts, analyse the financial issues and assist with the development of a robust dispute resolution strategy. Our experts have extensive experience of acting as party-appointed experts, single joint experts or expert advisors in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution procedures. Our specialist team advises on all aspects relevant to quantum from the financial, economic and valuation aspects of claims, to assisting clients through the dispute resolution process and providing robust independent expert testimony. We take a commercial and pragmatic approach, delivering the highest quality tailored services on each assignment. Our experts are actively involved in every aspect of each assignment, giving you confidence in the quality of our expert-led service.

In cybersecurity and data privacy we have assembled a team of specialists with advanced skills in ransomware and cyber incident response, ransom negotiation, dark web intelligence, IT forensics, data mining, and analytics. Our comprehensive suite of intelligent security solutions is tailored to meet clients’ critical needs. Whether refining your cyber strategy, advising on data protection, or swiftly tackling threats, our team is here to support you. In breaches, we excel at securing evidence, aiding legal proceedings, and restoring operations promptly. With a wealth of experience handling major cybersecurity incidents, we’re trusted advisors for top organizations shaping robust policies.


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We solve problems by operating as one firm to deliver for our clients. Where others advise, we solve. Where others consult, we partner.

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