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Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Leveraging data to accelerate performance

Today, data is everywhere, and the rate at which it is generated continues to grow at an exponential rate. However, with this explosive growth in data, even the most sophisticated organizations struggle to sift through the massive volumes of information to pinpoint trends, understand their customers and competitors, streamline operations, and develop competitive advantage.

Ankura develops and delivers innovative solutions for today’s most complex data challenges. We help our clients leverage their data to create models that address operational challenges, predict performance, assess risk, and identify trends.


Predictive Coding

We leverage a suite of proprietary predictive coding tools that help our clients quickly and efficiently allocate information into meaningful categories to generate and validate their predictive models.

Data Clustering & Visualization

We help our clients cluster and visualize their data to pinpoint trends and gain actionable insights.

Data Modeling

We create models that help our clients address operational challenges, predict performance, assess risk, identify abnormal behavior, and highlight trends.

Ankura Otter Analytics

The Ankura Otter Analytics patented platform helps you save valuable time and resources by automating manual tasks, streamlining data management processes, and eliminating the need for extensive searching through enterprise and public data.

The Ankura Difference

Our team consists of experts in data exploration, machine learning, and predictive analytics. With a unique blend of technical skills, subject-matter expertise, cross-functional experience, and a proven analytical track record, Ankura can deliver complete, creative, and insightful solutions to aggregate, mine, and analyze data to help guide our clients in making critical decisions. We create tools and solutions that transform disparate data into meaningful insight while significantly reducing the time and expense involved in the process.

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We solve problems by operating as one firm to deliver for our clients. Where others advise, we solve. Where others consult, we partner.

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