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Digital Forensics

Acquiring, analyzing, and preserving digital information

In today's digital economy, an overwhelming amount of data is generated from a countless number of sources. As a result, when a need to identify, collect and preserve data arises, whether it be an internal investigation or a court-mandated discovery, it can be increasingly difficult to do so with efficiency, precision, and accuracy.

Our experts are skilled at interrogating a vast range of computer systems and data to quickly identify relevant intelligence and evidence. We are skilled at identifying and extracting data to show user activity; analyzing user documents and emails for evidence of manipulation and falsification; recovering deleted data; identifying data storage devices with times and dates; and interpreting items opened on machines from local hard drives, network drives, and removable devices.


Data Mapping

Identifying all data sources used by both a company and its users to have a holistic understanding of a company’s infrastructure to effectively preserve all relevant electronically stored information.

Preservation Scope

We are involved from the outset of a matter to provide guidance and advice to our clients to help identify the people, the data sources and ensure the time frame of the electronic data is preserved.

Forensic Analysis

Our team has extensive depth in performing forensic analysis and data recovery from electronic media and providing formal reporting of findings for use in court proceedings.

Local & Remote Data Preservation

Our advisors will work with you to ensure that the data held in various digital data formats are collected in a forensically sound manner while abiding by industry best practices.

Culling of System Files & Irrelevant Content

Applying technology that will defensively remove documents that are known in the National Software Reference Library and those documents based on key term analytics.

Expert Testimony

Members of our forensics team are qualified expert witnesses and have provided expert testimony in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

International Forensics Investigation

Ankura was engaged by a pharmaceutical company to seamlessly facilitate interviews and collections for a salesforce team of 143 custodians, performed during 12 in-person regional sales meetings. We coordinated logistics for collections, including reserving separate meeting rooms to arrange device transfer and corresponding chain of custody documentation and conducting custodian interviews alongside counsel. In total, 245 devices were collected across 16 days, including corporate laptops and mobile devices, and over 2TB of data was extracted and transferred to our processing team.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura’s team of digital forensics experts are former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Department of Justice accounting and enforcement professionals. Our team brings the critical combination of business, legal process, to forensics assignments, giving our clients a heightened level of experience and insight to address regulatory, agency, and governmental inquiries effectively. Our familiarity with the differences and nuances of each type of fraud investigation guides our development of investigative plans that address financial and accounting exposures and allows us to efficiently triage and manage related issues that such investigations frequently generate.

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