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Insolvency & Fraudulent Conveyance

Maximizing recovery through the insolvency process

As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple throughout the global economy, entire industries are facing solvency issues due to the sharp disruption in business activity. Many organizations are likely to face crisis situations where insolvency is the only viable option. Unfortunately, going through the insolvency process is often accompanied by litigation related to fraudulent transfer, reasonably equivalent value claims, representation and warranty claims, and material misrepresentation of accounting and financial reporting.

Ankura has extensive experience maximizing recoveries throughout the insolvency process. We help clients navigate the challenges of the solvency process to maximize recovery and value.


Insolvency Advisory

We work with creditors and courts to maximize the recovery and available value for our clients’ assets throughout the insolvency process.

Valuation of Illiquid & Complex Assets

We advise clients and their legal counsel when uncertainty or disputes arise regarding quantification of value, price, or economic damages related to illiquid and complex financial assets or derivatives.

Fund Crisis Management

We advise hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital firms through crisis situations with structured strategies to solve liquidity and valuation issues as well as resolving complex litigation that occurs thereafter.

The Ankura Difference

Whether an organization needs assistance, facing an immediate business challenge, protecting against future risks, or complying with new and existing regulations, Ankura designs, develops, and executes tailored solutions with the right combination of expertise. Our highly credentialed experts have decades of experience advising companies and investment funds through solvency issues and advised many organizations through the global financial crisis of 2008.

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